155lbs here I come!

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155lbs here I come!

So right now, I am about 153lbs. This is whether I have eaten to my full capacity, drank too much water, etc. I tend to weigh myself when I wake up in the morning, afte relieving myself and completely in the birthday suit. Guaranteeing me the most accurate reading on my scale. And thus far, for the past week plus, I have been at 153 lbs. I haven’t been going up or going down. Because of this, my short term goal is to reach 155 lbs. Right now, that’s my ultimate goal. No longer am I looking at the long term goal of 180 lbs.

I haven’t been counting my calories because I have come to know exactly what I need to consume, to hit my macros, and my daily calorie intake to gain mass. I tend to just switch up some meals, to make it more interesting. Sometime today, if anyone is reading this at this time, I will hit on IIFYM (if it fits your macros), as promised to someone I spoke to yesterday, that I was going to write about it sometime this week. Not only that, but it basically falls into the mindset I have had currently, while on my bulk.

During my quest to find weekly fitness quotes, I came across one that said basically, to give yourself small term goals and meet those goals instead of giving yourself long term goals and becoming overwhelmed with accomplishing them.

So 155 lbs. Not sure the time frame but that’s the goal of the moment. Let’s see what happens!


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