About Love My Muscles

About Love My Muscles

Love My Muscles developed as an idea that stemmed from a consistent request for helpful information from others interested in getting into the fitness community. Instead of constantly answering questions over and over again, that’s being repeated, I decided to compile all of the information that one would ask as a newbie to fitness training or bodybuilding, under one roof. This will provide those who are looking to start off and get into the bodybuilding community, without being overwhelmed with the amount of fitness and training information currently out there to anyone’s disposal.

What I will be doing with this site, is weeding out the cloud of information that are generally unnecessary and providing you with the insight into my own training, supplementation and dieting to achieve my own personal physical goals that aren’t customary for females in general. Via doing this, anyone keen on becoming fit or building muscle, will be able to pin point the areas of necessity for them and utilize to the best of their ability, eventually returning to this website to supplement their information even more.

Although I am female and majority of my visitors are females themselves, I have been asked for advice by males. The mere fact that I am building mass, in the capacity that’s associated with males, it isn’t a surprise why a male wouldn’t find it appropriate to ask me.

At the end of the day, I just want people to be able to not get lost in the fitness community like I did, when I first got introduced to it. The information can be overwhelming and finding your answers can be frustrating. My overall goal is to assist with it, maybe hold your hands while you go through it, and then let it go when you’ve acquired enough information to do it on your own.

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I am a 33 year old medical doctor and an alumni of St. George’s University in Grenada. I also happen to have an interest in fitness. One of the things that medical school did for me, is showed me what was important and as important as fitness is, getting my medical degree and doing exceptionally well, was my main priority.

Currently, fitness wise, I have started back training and getting my body back right. With this new path in my life, where I am trying to get back a decent physique, I will be blogging on information that will help the working person more but also still focus on overall fitness all together. My journey to continuing my fitness goals and the more I grow in this industry (fitness), my knowledge can be very helpful to those who are in the same predicament as I, and also help those who are just starting out.

I want that when I start practicing, that my patients see me as an example of how it is possible to keep fit, and still have obstacles or boundaries that are set and are outside of our control. If I can do it, then anyone can.

You can also check out my thoughts on different subjects outside of fitness, over at my personal blog.


I am a 31 year old pre-med med student, that will be attending medical school, that’s currently attending medical school. As of writing this, my fitness goals have fluctuated throughout the time I have developed this website. At first, I wanted to get as big and as muscular as possible, because that’s the most ideal frame to feel intimidating and, as I had thought, more confident with myself. Eventually, that desire changed and currently, I am focused on being at a low enough body fat percentage, where I have a flat stomach with SOME visible abs, along with being a size that’s appropriate for wearing skinny jeans and looking like I lift with my t-shirts on.

Being functional, with my physique is my long term goal. Currently, I use Kenpo as a means of cardio, and do a HIIT session that last about 25 minutes, once a week. My cardio takes up 3-4 days of my week (I have leeway with this and some times it sticks to just 3) and my weight lifting/strength training, takes up the 3 other days of the week for me.

I have been lifting, as of this year, 11 years now. I started weight training when I was 18 and only stopped every now and then when life got in the way. Nowadays, life doesn’t generally get in the way of my training, unless I am taking a few days off from the gym itself, to do studies. Otherwise, I still work out at home and get some training in. Consistency, is the key factor in obtaining one’s ideal physique. Along with patience, which is something weight lifting has taught me a lot of.

Besides bodybuilding/weight lifting, I love blogging (hence why I revamped this site and brought it back to the forefront of my things to do), and doing the every day movies, restaurant, hanging out things.

I plan to continue lifting till the day I die, in some form or another, whether it be solely powerlifting or solely weight training in a bodybuilding format. I also hope to use this website, as a means to place all the information I have come across and all the information I will come across, to help myself and to help others, reach their own personal physical goals, sooner than later. I was unfortunate to start off weight lifting with a lot of broscience under my belt, and I hope to discard that pathway for anyone who is sincerely interested in getting their health in check.


I am a female, who’s a university student, currently working as an information researcher along with video production assistant. I have a first degree in psychology, currently pursuing a second in nursing; bachelors of science in nursing. Finally, I will be acquiring my personal trainer certificate in a month’s time. The picture to the left is what I looked like nearly 6 years ago, taken on Feb 28th 2008.

My hobbies include; bodybuilding, web and graphic design, criminology, psychology, quantum mechanics, religion, supernatural phenomena (I know, woo woo stuff), reading, meditation, shopping, and collecting coca cola memorabilia.

The reason why I got into bodybuilding, can be seen as the generalized reason nearly everyone gets into bodybuilding; to gain size. When I first started off the last semester of my senior year in high school, in 2003, I was about 110 lbs. I gained 15 lbs before the school year ended, and very quickly actually. Too quickly but it’s only later on did I learn, that’s what they call newbie gains.

Afterward, college came around and I stopped but I was 125 lbs and a little happy about my gains. Fast forward some months, I got back into the lifting and gained about 10 more lbs. Leaving me at 135 lbs for a while. Then as school came to an end, and time was given to me, I did what they call a dirty bulk, trying to gain as much as possible and hit about 145 lbs. It seems I was very good at gaining in 10 lb increments lol. Anyways, so school started back and I ended up losing some of my weight, as expected but didn’t continue lifting. Ate about the same as I did on the bulk, and obviously gained some but never weighed myself around that time.

Fast forward to summer of last year; 2010, I wanted to lose some of the body fat that I gained from over the years, with the dirty bulk and eating without training. So, I included a routine of a 5 day split, with 2 days of cardio. I included cardio before and after my training. In a short period of time, I was 135 lbs again but much leaner. As fall came around, I decided to stop the cardio but keep the lifting. I did a 4 day split of upper/lower body exercises, and basically ate on a maintenance calorie. Was able to stay the same weight but presumably, looked bigger than previously.

Finally, this year came about and it was time for my ultimate long term goal; hit 180 lbs, no matter what. So I started lifting, eating and supplementing on protein and weight gainer. Finally hit 145 lbs again, and now I am 150 155 160 lbs. It took me since February (2011 – been bulking for a whole year now) to reach my current weight, but it’s how I like it. Nice slow gains. I hope to reach 180s in the next 6 to 8 months. The journey hasn’t been easy but the gains have made it worth it.

I am going to input this about me, in a blog entry so anyone who misses this or chooses not to read this can see how weight training, is a life long process. It’s not a one time thing because even when you reach your personal goals, you have to maintain it. Not only that, but a true bodybuilder, is NEVER satisfied with the goals he/she attains and pushes further to see where his/her body can lead him/her.

Overall, the main message I want to leave you with here, is that even though it took me this long to reach this main point in my lifting life, it was all due to muscle memory. That’s something I am going to talk about in one of my entries. But muscle memory makes getting back into the groove of things, even when you’ve been out of it for months upon months, very easy. This, in particular, would be of some use to individuals who were maybe athletes back in high school, or used to do bodybuilding but stopped.


  1. duncan - 2014/06/06 1:00 am

    omg, no offense but i had to read about 5 pages before i finally figured out your a girl! omg your so huge, you could beat up most guys i know! thats for the detailed blog, im here for my stretch marks. been liftign awhile but onn and off so getting fat again in university. or well tho hopefully this blog will inspire me and i will have stretch marks around my shoulders against instead of the waist (the worst place) anyways keep lifting. you are doing gr8!

    • Lil C - 2014/07/27 7:24 pm

      lol that’s fine. i know i can be mistaken for a guy based on my muscles.


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