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All About Abs

Abs So it’s summer time! All about the beaches, and strutting around with the body you’ve been working out on during the winter, cutting early summer so that when the beach time comes around, as you take the shirt off the panties drop. I know, not much of an appropriate line, but let’s be real, the reason why people want a 6-pack, flat stomach or some type of appealing core, is to get the attention of the opposite sex or get that particular group of people to notice. I know, I know, there are the few who actually do it for themselves, but this article is for the majority. The ones who would love to pull the tee up, and expose all their hard work to any inquiring minds.

Unfortunately, you haven’t been working out on those abs, so it’s all love handles and fat that you wish you could some how get rid of. Well, there’s only 1 more month in summer, and although it may be a little too late to go from fat around the core to straight 6-pack like a fitness model, we can get you onto that path of having a flat stomach and soon 6-pack abs, for the end of the summer.

Abs Firstly, the abdominal muscles are the paired muscles at the core of your body. They are anatomically referred to as the rectus abdominis muscles. The 6-pack effect is due to the tendinous intersection, that are fibrous brands that cross the abdominal muscles. Some people have the genetic design to actually have 8 or 10 abdominal segments if they get to a low enough body fat. So don’t be alarmed if you start seeing an 8-pack instead of a 6-pack. Recognize your superior genetic design and enjoy it! lol

Enough about the anatomy, because we all know you didn’t come here to learn about the abs but rather, learn how to get them. Abdominal muscles tend to show themselves, when a person is at a low body fat percentage. Generally for females it can be seen around 14% body fat, while for males they have to go even lower to get any sight of them. A defined 6-pack abs, would require even more reduction of body fat to see them.

Some bodybuilders, which may surprise you, don’t even workout the abdominal muscles individually, but in fact utilize what we call compound exercises that inadvertently works out the core, producing developed abs.

So, to assist in ab development, you should get into such exercises like squats, military presses, bench presses and deadlifts. If you aren’t confident about performing these exercises with proper form, but still want to get down and dirty with ab development, then we can do direct exercises to help bring those muscles out.

Transverse Muscle One very good exercise I have learned that helps give you a fitness model’s appearance for your abs, rather than the extended bulky look some people have with their core, is working out the transverse muscle. You do this via sucking in your abdomen, and blowing out slowly through your mouth while keeping the abdominal wall sucked in. You can easily do this exercise, any and every where. While at the grocery store, at school, waiting in line, where ever. This exercise helps pull and exercise the transverse muscles, which helps pull in the abdomen.

Other exercises include:

Those are the basic exercises you can use to workout your core. Each abdominal workout should go for high reps; 30 reps to 50 reps. A good routine for this would be doing all of those exercises, one after each other for 30 reps each, and then resting for a minute. Doing about 3 sets of them. Some people aren’t able to actually get through this whole routine without giving up, but that’s fine. It is a powerful work out that does give your abs that training it definitely needs to go “POW”.

If you want to add weights to these exercises, you can do so, although some argue that it can increase the bulky look of your abs, rather than the flat, aesthetic look generally seen in fitness models. If you decide to use weights, then you will have to workout your abs like any other body part, if you are using weights; max of 12 reps, with 3 sets per exercise. I wouldn’t suggest using heavy weights, but something that you can do 10 reps with reasonably. Only if you are an advanced lifter, should you ever use heavy weights.

Abs Now that you’ve got the ab routine down, we can’t forget about the obliques. Those side muscles help define the overall look of the core, giving you the look you’ve been desiring for so long. It is necessary that you workout on them, to define them. Exercises that target the obliques include: side crunches, side bends and cable twists. If the latter isn’t an accessible machine, then you can settle for the two former exercises. Make sure to do high reps, if you’re not using any weights for the exercises. Regular 10 to 15 reps for the ones with weights.

Finally, before I wrap up this post all about the abdominal muscles, I want to just focus a little on nutrition in regards to abs. Basically, you have to eat low fat food products, and lose body fat, to receive your abs. You aren’t going to see any abs, unless that core fat goes away. Generally, people still workout on their abs, even on bulks or at high body fat. This helps so that when you’ve reduced your body fat, you already have developed abs to look forward to. So do not neglect diet, in regards to attaining your 6-pack abs. Without a clean diet, or relatively clean diet, those abs will not be attainable.

Remember, to lose body fat, all you have to do is eat on a calorie deficit; 500 calories below maintenance. To calculate your maintenance calories, use the calories maintenance calculator. To learn about other aspects of training, to attain your overall goals, please review the rest of my site and the categories!

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