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All About Shoulders

A body part that really gets your physique popping, is your deltoids muscle. When you think about it, if you’re in a tank top, amongst the 3 muscles that tend to be showing besides the biceps and triceps, it’s the shoulders. Even if your arms aren’t as big or cut as you want them, if you have banging shoulders, that’s an impressive physique nevertheless.

If you’ve ever checked out a bodybuilding forum, where they are critiquing people’s physique, even if your arms are not impressive, if you have awesome shoulders you definitely go up in points on the physique scale. Some people have a genetic gift of being able to produce some ball busting shoulders, but others have to work immensely hard to acquire them. There are a couple of exercises, and rules you need to follow, to produce the shoulders you’ve always dreamed of.

The shoulder muscles are appropriately called the deltoid muscles. It gives the rounded look to your shoulders, acquiring it’s name from the Greek letter; Delt. There are 3 areas of origination, that if you pay attention to the exercises pertaining to the shoulder muscles, work each part specifically. They are called the anterior, lateral and posterior aspects. Anterior obviously being the front, lateral is at the area of the acromion and the posterior, which originates from the scapula. These are also considered the heads of the deltoid muscles. Yet again, these individual heads can be targeted directly. The function of the shoulder muscle, is to move the arms away from the body. This is obviously why, a lot of the movements are hence, motioning away from the body to help develop the muscle.

Here are some of the exercises that target your shoulder muscles:

    Dumbbell Lateral Raises
    Dumbbell Front Raise
    Barbell Military Press
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Those are just some of the basics. I want to make it easier for you, by listing the anterior, lateral and posterior exercises.


    Dumbbell Front Raise
    Military Press
    DB Shoulder Press
    DB Arnold Shoulder Press
    Behind Neck Press

Lateral Muscle

    Barbell Upright Row
    Dumbbell Lateral Raises

*The upright rows can be done on a machine also. There are pulley machines that are equipped to do this. If you find that your barbell isn’t available, you have the choice of doing it with dumbbells or a machine.

Posterior Muscle

    Barbell Rear Delt Row
    Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raises
    DB Seated Rear Lateral Raises

*The rear delt rows, are just wider gripped bent over rows, as you can see. You are also bringing it more up to the chest area and not the hips area, as in a bent over row. The DB Rear Lateral Raises, aren’t like side lateral raises even though they seem to look the same. Bend over completely, and then do the lateral raises, to hit the posterior deltoid muscles. Finally, the seated one, is an alternative which you can incorporate into your workouts, using that over the other.

You can use about 4 of the exercises in one workout session because the deltoid muscles aren’t big. They can fall into the category of the biceps and triceps, because it’s a small muscle. You can use either a schedule that has you do lateral, anterior or posterior workouts on it’s own day. Meaning, one week you do lateral, next anterior and third week is posterior. Or, you can incorporate all 3 types of exercises into one workout session. Make sure to warm up properly. Don’t lift too heavy on the lateral raises or front raises. Go progressively higher on the weights with overhead and military presses. Make sure, the higher you go on the military weights, with the barbells, to bend your knees a bit one in front of the other, in a spread eagle sense. As if you’re doing lunges basically. Not all the way down but enough to support that weight, and not put too much pressure on your back. If you are confused on doing it, you can always ask someone at the gym but those links I posted, should be sufficient.

For your traps, as a lot of people like to do them on shoulder days; shrugs are sufficient:

    Dumbbell Shrugs
    BB Shrugs

*You do not have to go heavy on shrugs. A lot of people love to lift up some heavy weights, and do shrugs to get massive traps. It’s not necessary. You can use max of 30 lbs, and still develop awesome traps. Incorporate rolling of the shoulders, and regular shrugs, to assist in muscle development and overall development of the shoulders area along with the traps.

I am not going to have a separate post about the trapezoids muscles, as they were incorporated into this one. There’s not much to know about them. Some people choose to not work them out because of the blockiness it can provide to your physique. If you don’t care to have an illusion of a shorter neck, then you don’t have to do them.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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