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All About The Back

I haven’t added anything new in regards to individual body parts and how to train them for a little while now. I figured it would be a good thing to do that today. Give you guys something to look at and utilize in your training. I tend to train my back with my chest but I train about 3 times a week. If you train more times a week, then you can have back on it’s own day. This would be more conducive to your training habits because it will allow you to utilize all of the energy that you have, into that one body part.

Alright so here we go. The back is made up of 4 different muscle groups; the latissimus dorsi, the trapzeius, the erector spinae and the rhomboids along with the teres major and minor. The key to an awesome back, is making sure that every one of these muscle groups are trained on your back day. Generally about 5 exercises are enough to make sure that you’ve efficiently trained your back for excellent development and growth.

The ideal bodybuilder’s figure, is having something that’s called a V-taper. It’s generally when you have a broad back, along with a very small waist. It’s one of those staples of the human’s physique, that just jumps out, “I wonder if he’s a bodybuilder or a fitness trainer”. Do you know how many times I have gotten asked these questions, just being at school or the mall, because of the wideness of my back. I have even been told that I have excellent back development. This all came from utilizing certain training ideologies, when it came to developing my back.

To develop the back muscles, you have to use pulling exercises. So you have such exercises like the pull downs or the pull ups. As you can see, they both already explain to you what it is you have to do, to make those muscles grow. A basic back routine workout plan, that I tend to follow religiously unless those equipment aren’t available for a particular training session is:

I saw this routine back in the day when I was really into purchasing muscle magazines. Supposedly it’s a routine used by Darrem Charles. Not only that but I have come to appreciate the results that come from using the pulldown machine and doing wide grip pull-ups. Those are two of the exercises that have definitely developed my back and allowed it to become wider, as is the desired effect I was going for.

In the beginning, I would use a drop set, for my training on each of the exercises. With about 4 sets per exercise. I would start off with 15 as the max rep, with a weight that I could do 15 with. Increase the weight, where I can only do 12 and keep going until I am at only 8 reps, with a weight that I can absolutely only do so much with. The first set of reps is obviously, a warm up to every exercise afterward.

Switching back and forth every now and then from drop sets to regular sets, is a good way of mixing it up. Yet again, I haven seen excellent gains and strength gains by doing this. Try to increase your weights by maybe 5 lbs every session. If you can’t, it’s alright just keep attempting.

With the Rear Pulldown exercise, make sure to contract and tighten the muscle when the bar is behind your neck and then slowly carry it back to the starting position. Feel the burn and the tightening of the muscle. At this point in your training, you should be able to utilize mind and muscle control to get the best contractions out of your work out. Some people don’t believe in it but I want to make sure, 100%, that I am using my targeted muscle as much as possible.

Another good suggestion for back development, is using explosive movements when executing an exercise. So just like I told you to slowly contract the muscle and then slowly carry the cable back to the starting position, do that with all of your other exercises. Say for example it’s the T-Bar row. Pull the weight with an explosive movement and then slowly return it to the starting position and keep doing that till you’ve reached your targeted amount of reps.

I have seen some people ask questions on how beneficial it is to use machines in contrast to free weights. The only thing with that is that strength comes with the free weights, along with mass building. Only mass building will come from the machines. But, it’s alright to utilize them throughout your training. If I am working out my back, after a chest routine, I tend to prefer to use machines or vice versa. The intensity after executing 5 exercises for back or chest and then moving to the other, isn’t always there. So to keep in the frame of building muscle mass, I utilize the machines.

If you utilize these suggestions in building your own back workout plan, you will definitely see gains!

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