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All About Triceps

Side Tricep Pose Most people assume that the biceps are the muscles of the arms, that gives you the look as if you’re bursting out of your sleeves. In fact, it’s the triceps that are the ones that make those t-shirt sleeves explode, not the biceps. Because of this misconception, people crunch out as much reps and as much exercises, on their biceps and tend to neglect their triceps. But, no worries, I am here to assist you, and direct you away from that pathway that would just frustrate you when no results occur.

The tricep muscles is a horseshoe shaped muscle that is located at the posterior aspect of one’s arms. It’s generally named the triceps brachii muscles. It is made up of 3 heads, and it’s main function is the extension of the elbow. This is why, you may have heard a certain tricep exercise called: tricep extensions. Once you’re extending your arm, the triceps are always going to be in use.

Some very good exercises to include in your training, would be:

    Dumbbell Kickbacks
    Tricep Pushdowns
    *Skull Crushers
    *Lying Tricep Extensions
    One Arm Tricep Extensions
    Bench Dip
    Self-assisted Tricep Dip

*Note: The skullcrusher and the lying tricep extensions, seem to look the same but they are not. The lying tricep extensions has the barbell extending all the way behind the head and below, while the skull crushers, has the barbell reaching and stopping at the forehead. If you look at the gifs provided carefully, you’d see the difference. Also, when performing these exercises, a spotter should be available if resistence that you aren’t able to handle, does occur.

About only 4 exercises max, should be peformed while training triceps. You could start off with an alternative exercise, like One Armed Tricep Extensions, and then follow with the other 2 exercises, finishing off with some Dips.

For the self-assisted dips, you can either do 20 or as much reps as possible till failure, or utilize a dip belt and add some weights to it, doing about 8 to 12 reps. I am actually planning on getting myself a dip belt also, to help increase the amount of weight I am pushing, while utilizing the self-assisted dip exercise. Remember, that exercise, if you use a dip belt, will include your own body weight along with how ever much you add to the dip belt. That’s immense amount of mass your triceps are supporting! Imagine the gains you’re going to get!

Just in case you forgot, every weighted exercises should not exceed 12 reps. To increase your tricep strength, you can incorporate a 5×5 workout, into your routine. This is doing 5 reps only, with heavy weights, for 5 sets. This will increase your strength, so later you can push more weights with your triceps.

Remember, nutrition is key to developing muscle mass. This is just the basics, to grow your triceps once you’re diet is in check!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

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