Artificial Sweetners and Anxiety/Heart Palpitation

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Artificial Sweetners and Anxiety/Heart Palpitation

The current hype in the health and fitness industry, is the utilization of artificial sweeteners, to help replace the unhealthy sugar content in most of our drinks. A lot of people fail to realize even their options of a juice that’s being produced by the same soda company that you don’t want to drink, uses sugar in them. When you compare the sugar content of those juices with the sodas, they tend to have the same or even more. So it’s really laughable when people stop drinking sodas and move onto juices, but don’t realize that they need to consume freshly squeezed juices to be sure that sugar isn’t added to it. Of course, I am not talking about the natural carbohydrate content of juices, but rather the lovely white grained substance we all have grown to love that we now know in high consumption, isn’t good for us.

Now it is with this knowledge that consuming high amounts of sugar can lead to such things as Type II Diabetes, we have reached a stage in our society where we’ve rushed to figure out how we can consume our sugary delights without facing the negative consequences of it. This is where artificial sweeteners, came into play.

Artificial sweeteners, our sugar substitutes, have been specifically developed so we can keep indulging in foods that we used natural sugar in, but know it isn’t good for us. The unfortunate consequence of this, is that now that we’ve found something to replace the “bad” sugar, we are now facing some other consequences which isn’t being shared with people on a massive level.

Despite this benefit of artificial sweeteners, they can actually cause or increase anxiety and cause heart palpitation, along with fatigue, dizziness and nausea. It has been shown that when an individual who experiences these negative side effects of artificial sweeteners, removes it from their diet, in a few days or weeks, the symptoms go away.

Personally, I am experiencing the fatigue and palpitation associated with artificial sweetener, from drinking a lot of Coke Light. I use it to help prevent my cravings for the regular Coke and also to indulge without having to take into consideration the caloric intake. Despite that, I’d rather consume my regular Coke on a more restrictive basis, than experience the fatigue and palpitation, which I never had before.

I am going to stop consuming Coke Light from now on, and will assess the situation in a few days/weeks. Once my symptoms have subsided, I will endorse not using artificial sweeteners as the benefits don’t seem to outweigh the negative side effects of constantly feeling fatigue and having heart palpitations.

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