Hammer Curls

So today was my chest and bicep day and I decided to workout my biceps first instead of chest. This was done, so I could max out on my biceps lifts, rather than get pre-exhausted by my chest workouts and maxing out there, then reaching biceps and not being able to max out at all.

I have included a you tube video that I took of me performing my hammer curls with 50 lb dumbbells. I have two more videos on my you tube channel, one with 40s and one with 45s. The 50s was a first attempt :)

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Heavy weight training and Joint Pain

If you plan to push your body beyond what you expect it to do, you will face certain problems and issues that could hinder your progress. Athletes of all types, experience some form of joint issue throughout their career, whether the athlete is one who is doing it for fun or as an actual career. For professional athletes, they have people there (coaches, medical experts in the area of sports medicine, etc), to help them with recovering from these issues or preventing them in the future. For the average, mere mortal like you and I, we have to find our own solutions to these problems.

As joint issues is an inevitable part of heavy weight training, knowing how to treat it (at home remedies to help relieve the pain), and what to do to prevent it from reoccurring, is the best solution to the whole problem.

In this post, I provide you all the information you need to recover or prevent joint issues.

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Back At It!

Back in the gym, doing chest and biceps. I wasn’t able to really do an intensive bicep workout, but my chest routine was seriously on point. To the point that I was feeling such a crazy pump in my chest that I have never felt before! I swear, using proper form is everything. It targets the muscle groups you want to, when you are performing a particular exercise, which if you’ve been doing wrong for a while and seeing no gains, is a good enough reason why that is happening.

Anyways, check out this entry and keep following for my other days of training, which include my back and triceps days, some shoulders (will be taking some time off of it because my left shoulder been bugging me), and legs (obviously :))

The other days will include my kenpo workouts, my focus t-25 day and throwing in maybe another kenpo or focus t-25 depending on my mood that day.

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Taking time off from the gym

This is a personal entry of mine, where I am just talking about the time I have taken off of the gym recently and what I plan to do in the future in regards to making personal updates that pertain to my own physical goals and my journey towards my ideal physique. I usually have a separate website for this, over at Love My Muscles Fitness, but I am no longer using that site for my personal blogging and would rather keep everything under one roof.

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HIT and Weight Training

Most of us will easily admit, that cardiovascular workouts are dreaded workout routines. They are exhausting, provide you with some unwanted feelings, and have you not looking forward to performing them at all. Despite that, they are obviously a very good form of working out, that helps with improving ones cardiovascular health and is an overall healthy form of exercise that should be incorporated into everyone’s fitness routine. The only thing though is, if you’re looking to burn body fat, high intensive training is the way to go and cardiovascular routines that leave you exhausted, panting and sweating buckets, is the best method out there.

Fortunately for you though, you can incorporate your ever beloved weights into a program/routine that yields the same results as the conventional cardiovascular workout but aren’t so dreaded to perform. It isn’t easier, but it’s just much more acceptable to most of us who prefer lifting weights over running or biking.

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