Bodybuilder vs Weightlifter

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Bodybuilder vs Weightlifter

I am going to make this post a little short and sweet, if I say so myself. This is being done so that you as a reader and visitor of my blog, can really ask yourself the question; “What am I?”

When you’re starting off with weight lifting, you have to make sure that you have an idea of where you want to go because if you don’t, sometimes you end up no where or in places you didn’t want to be in the first place.

To help guide you to that place, where you want to be, you have to ask yourself whether you’re a bodybuilder or a weight lifter.

What’s the difference you may ask? To you, it may seem that they are one in the same. But, in actuality, they are not.

Continue reading to learn the difference, so that you can start setting goals right now, to get to that specific place that you want to be with your physique.

Weight lifting is defined as the action of lifting weights. I know, it’s very simple and mundane but the point is that once you go to the gym and you lift weights, you are weightlifting. To achieve any muscular physique, you have to be weightlifting whether you’re a weightlifter, powerlifter or bodybuilder. Although powerlifters aren’t listed in my who vs who title, it should be mentioned because it’s a specific part of weightlifting that focuses on mainly strength. There is generally no focus on aesthetics of any sort.

Anyhow, a weightlifter is someone who just does that, lifts weights. Yet again it’s just a adjective to describe the person who goes to the gym and crunches out some hypertrophic exercises and calls it a day.

With weightlifters, there is no manipulating or modification of the body in the form of shaping. Weightlifters main goal is to either gain muscle mass, lose body fat while gaining muscle mass or building muscle mass and then losing body fat afterward. They are trying to become fit and have the appearance of fitness and health. Generally most athletes can be placed in the category of weightlifters.

As for bodybuilders, they are a different group of their own. Bodybuilders main goal is to shape the body, not just gain muscle mass and not just to lose body fat. They are sculpting their body, into ultimate aesthetics.

This is why, a general difference between bodybuilders and weightlifters that is visible, is the shape of their muscles. A weightlifter will have separation of their muscles and definition, while a bodybuilder will have certain muscle groups more developed. Say for example, the lats. They tend to have a wider upper body to lower body ratio, where their shoulders are broad, their lats are wide, their waist is small and then coming back to some huge leg muscles. All giving them a V-taper shape, that provides a certain level of aesthetics to show off the development of every single muscle group in their body. Most weightlifters, don’t have this. They tend to have no definitive distinction between their shoulders and their traps along with the waist area. It tends to just flow into one. Some might find that unaesthetic, but the ones who have this point of view are obviously, bodybuilders.

So you must ask yourself, are you a bodybuilder or weightlifter? If you can answer this, your current routine will either keep going as usual or you’ll have to modify it to suit your desires.

If you are a bodybuilder, focus on shaping all of your muscles, and providing the image of a wider top, narrow middle and big symmetrical legs. As for the weightlifter, just keep lifting your weights, crunching out those high numbers and you’re easily set.

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