Bodyweight Exercising Part I

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Bodyweight Exercising Part I

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to be able to get to the gym. Not only that but some of us don’t have the funds to purchase a membership at a gym. Not even $15 a month is sufficient for some people, because there’s more important things like say; food! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am writing this article, with you in mind. Maybe you are too busy to go to a gym (which I doubt, because if you really wanted to, the time you are on the couch watching tv, you can relax and get your sweat on!), or maybe you want to start off with some body weight exercises, and then progress to a gym environment. Whatever it may be, here’s a break down on some different types of body weight exercises.

Here is a list of the staple body weight exercises that you will be incorporating into a body weight training programs:

– pull ups
– push ups
– dips
– body weight squats
– body weight lunges

With these exercises, there’s different variations that will hit certain body parts. The awesome thing with body weight training though, is that they tend to utilize a lot of supporting muscle groups, while working out. For example, push ups brings in the abs and the arms, while directly working out the chest.

I am going to now just provide you with some variations on the different body weight exercises.

Push ups

There is your incline and your decline push ups. Incline push ups are done when you put your hands against, say the arm of your chair and you do some push up movements. Decline push ups, are done where you place your legs on say a bench, or your couch and you do the push ups that way. Then there’s the flat push ups, which we’re all familiar with. Each of these push ups, will workout the same areas of the chest muscle, as you would say on your flat bench press, incline bench press and decline bench press.

Other variations to the push ups, are more inline with working out other muscles groups more directly. A good example of this, is the close hand push up. This will focus more on the triceps area. You set up this push up exercise, by bringing your hands close together, and forming a triangle type shape with your hands. Move down slowly, and push yourself back up. This is a pretty difficult exercise, and one should pace themselves while doing it.


Next exercise is the dips. This one is pretty simple. There’s some variations but not much, just which is most comfortable for you. There’s the one where you place your hands on a chair, and extend your legs in front of you and dip down (Click For Example). The other form, is basically the same exercise, placing your hands on a chair and then placing your legs up on another chair that’s a little distance from you (Click for Example).


The squats exercise, is just a regular squat but without weights. Where you stand with your legs shoulder width apart, and you push down on your hips and carry yourself down in a parallel manner. The other way is called Ass to Grass (ATG), where you go all the way down till your ass nearly touches the ground and come back up.


The lunges are done in the same way you’d do regular lunges. With one leg extended in front of you, bent, and the other behind. Place your arms up in the air or to your side, which ever is most comfortable, and move down slowly (example).

Pull ups

For the pull ups, you would have to utilize somewhere in your house which allows for you to grip and pull up. I have used the outer area of some stairs, or the door. If this isn’t a comfortable position for you, as it may not be, you may want to purchase an indoor pull up apparatus, from

You can start incorporating these exercises, doing about 3 sets to failure. Rest about 1 minute in between sets and 3 minutes in between exercises. I’d suggest doing all of these exercises, in one workout session. Have a rest day in between your workouts and do this full body training 3 times a week.

Next time, I will include some more body weight workouts, that will be more intense than just a 3 day split.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Pass it along, or try it out on your own! But just know, body weight training will not get you massive but once you start doing it, you will definitely see some muscle mass gains, and some toning once your diet is in check. Your endurance will increase and you will see some good gains over all. Definitely a good choice if you cannot get to a gym. Also very good for those who already have a gym membership, but can’t make it to the gym that day.

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