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As the semester is coming down to an end, I think I will have more time now to focus on adding some serious muscle mass. I have basically been on cruise control since the end of last year and haven’t focused on counting calories or increasing my caloric intake either.

So, to help with my bulking, I am going to start counting my calories like I used to. My protein intake is going to be about 1.5 to 2 g of protein per pound of body weight, which right now I am at 155 lbs. That basically has me at 232 g to 310 g. My carbohydrates are going to be about 2.5 g per pound of body weight, which will bring that to about 387 g. As for fats, I will fill in the rest of my macros with it, and focus on quality fats.

With an increase in caloric intake, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. I will be consuming 2 protein shakes per day. One mid day, whenever I feel hungry, which will most likely be included with a meal or snack that I am having. Then I will consume my before bed, protein shake. It keeps me happy throughout the night until it’s time to eat again in the morning!

My caloric intake will be about 2500 to 3000 calories. Seeing as 2000 calories is basically my caloric intake to maintain, 500 calories is more than enough for me to gain muscle mass. The max is 3000 calories, so it gives me a nice leeway to consume enough calories to support muscle growth.

As for training, that will stay the same. I will hit the gym 3 times for the week and the rest of the 2 days, will be a whole body training that I do at home with low weights. I will be lifting between the 8-12 rep range for hypertrophy, do maybe a 5×5 for my compound workouts, coming down to the end of the lifts where I am going for my max lifts and then high reps on my at home training days. I am not including any cardio, unless it’s just for regular cardiovascular care, but that’s about it with that.

So quick break down again:

Protein: 232 to 310 g
Carbohydrates: 387 g
Fats: negotiable

Calories: 2500 to 3000

Training split:
– Chest/Biceps/ shoulder raises
– Back/Triceps/ shoulder raises
– Legs/shoulder presses
– Full body training
– Fully body training

My full body training will come on my days off from the gym, which tend to be in between or way after. So I should have enough time to be rested, before doing them. I will adjust my routine as the bulking continues.

My intentions of posting and logging my training for my bulking routine, is to help others who have asked me about what I eat, what I take, etc., etc. So expect all of that information in my posts on this website. I will include what supplements I am taking, what foods I am eating (even the cheat meals :\), and my workout routine with reps, sets and lifts. ๐Ÿ™‚

So if you are really interested in seeing how I do my training, subscribe to my RSS feed!

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