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Every possible topic choice has been neatly placed to the panel at your right. To give you an idea of what each category entails, I have provided a very neat description below.

  • Personal Entries: this is my personal journal entries. it will entail every thing from my meal plans, my progress in the gym, my lifts, etc. anything fitness related, that has to do with me, will be found here.


  • Supplement Science: you may have seen this category and wondered what it could really include. well basically this category of posts, focuses on the science behind supplements; protein, whey or casein, creatine, beta alanine, etc. anything that goes into your supplements that are there for a purpose will be spoken here.


  • The Basics: as the name implies, these entries will be talking about the basics of training; what are sets and reps, how many of each is enough, how should i space out my eating, what supplements should i start off with.


  • Fashion: this may seem like a random, and unnecessary category to new comers to bodybuilding/fitness/weight training, but it’s quite essential. in fitness training, you are either going to lose weight, gain or maintain. on the extreme spectrums; gaining or losing, you’re going to have to know how, when and what to buy when these times come around. the entries in this section will be from personal experiences, and should help make purchasing of clothing much less fustrating.


  • Exercises: here i will provide some exercises that have worked for me, and other exercises that are interesting and fun to do. something to add to your routine to keep it fresh and to keep the gains coming.


  • Myths and Facts: to many individuals surprise, there are a lot of myths roaming around the fitness community. some include the old advice of not eating fruit, or only eating the white of the egg, or that you can’t lose fat and gain muscle, etc. these are just some topics that would be focused on, in this category. it will help you distinquish between the gimmicks out there and the truths.


  • Critiquing Health News: this category will be me focusing on certain health related news that are being pushed by the media, or are circling the fitness community. one such topic  is the desire for taxation of soda/soft drinks by the government.


  • Food and Nutrition: certain types of food are high in protein, others carbs or fats. in this category, the posts will focus on all of these types of foods, along with certain nutritional diet plans out there, along with eating  protocols. some are pretty simple but others require more discipline. some i have tried myself, and others are ones i have heard worked for others. either way, it will be placed here for your reading pleasure, to help you determine which type of foods to stay away from, and what you can and cannot eat and even what you can eat but in moderation.


  • Body Part: This category will include entries that speak mainly about individual body parts. Not only that but it will advise you on how much volume one should engage in, to train said body part. The anatomy so you become familiar with it. The exercises that maximizes the most amount of gains and other information that I believe is necessary to aware people of.


  • Diet Plans: Every now and then, I would like to talk about diet plans that I see posted on tv, online or just in the media. Put my two cents in it, lay it out for you, let you know what others are saying and just a basic critique of it.


  • Life Affects: This is a somewhat vague category, that focuses on the items that affect life, when one engages in bodybuilding. It may involve joint care, preventing injury, what happens when you do have injury and how to overcome them, along with sociological advantages and sometimes disadvantages of a bodybuilding lifestyle. The sociological disadvantage, just to give you an example is the strict dietary plans, a bodybuilder may be on, restricting them from engaging in certain activities; like going a particular restuarant and if you did have to go, how to stick to your diet while still enjoying yourself.


  • Life Improvements: This is another vague on that may be interchangable with the Life Affects category. This one would only focus on the improvements that bodybuilding, and a good nutrition will boost.


  • Music: Just as the word describes, this category will be all about music. It doesn’t always have to relate to bodybuilding but in some posts it will be twisted into there, to make people of what type of music some people are listening to out there. Listings of different workout music playlists, etc.


  • News/Updates: This will just be information I believe you need to be awared of. Sometimes it can be promotional deals, changing of location of certain items, etc. Keep a look out for these so that you can engage a little more with me, when it comes to how this website is ran!


  • Fast Food Options: It might surprise you but some fast food joints, actually have options that are healthy choices and I am not talking about their salads! If you actually take the time to look at the nutritional breakdown of some of the burgers or sandwiches at certain fast food restaurants, you’d be extremely surprised how healthy they are. This will allow for you to eat the foods you like, in moderation, while staying on your diets!

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