Give a thought to doing Yoga

Incorporating yoga into your muscle building routine, can have some great benefits in the area of endurance, flexibility, muscle recovery and more. The fact that balance is one of the most important aspect of weight training, this article would benefit any serious lifter. It will explain why yoga should be incorporated at least once a week, into your current weight lifting program and how to find some videos to help you do just that.

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How to Properly Bench Press

People always approach me and ask for advice, when it comes to working out and getting muscular like myself. They always want to know what my routine is, what I do specifically and how did I get so muscular. Some of them even tell me they have been working out for a while now and aren’t really seeing any progress. Aside from the other important aspects of fitness training (e.g. nutrition), that can prevent someone from seeing any progress in the gym, one of the most important component of fitness training that individuals don’t take much consideration in, is proper form. I constantly, through my blog and through advising others, emphasize the importance of form.

The barbell flat bench press exercise, is one that can yield significant gains in the gym and is a very important compound workout that one should learn how to do properly. It doesn’t make sense going through the motions of an exercise but not doing it properly, you are just wasting your time and this can lead you to becoming frustrated and demotivated.

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The Downside of Leg Pressing

I am sure you have heard about or have seen the leg press machine, and even wondered if it was necessary to even use it as part of your leg routine. I will personally admit, that I had always felt that doing leg presses, was something I had to do and incorporate into my leg day workout. In fact, I was so adamant about doing it, that I always told myself that doing my leg press was much more important than my back squat, so if I was crunched for time, that was the exercise I was going to do.

Unfortunately, progressing in the leg press exercise isn’t as safe as progressing in any of the other leg exercises, for example, squats. What people don’t tell you about the leg press exercise, is how damaging it can actually be on the knees.

In this post, I am going to speak on why it is damaging to your knees and if you so insist on incorporating it into your leg day workout, how you can still keep it there without experiencing any nasty knee problems.

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Back in the day, we all just assumed that jumping on a cardio machine of our choice and putting it on, was all that we needed to lose body fat. I mean it did make sense, just do more physical activity than you’re accustom to and your body is suppose to just lose body fat from the excess energy that’s required to perform those said activities. But did you know there are two different forms of cardio, that tend to do two separate things. So you have to wonder, which one is best for me? If you are interested in finding out which type of cardio is good for you, then please continue reading!

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EC Stack

Losing body fat is not an easy task. Anyone who says otherwise, were probably born with the genetics of a god and has no worries about having to cut in the first place or has an easy time doing it without much effort. Unlike those individuals, the rest of us have to either count our calories to the T, do a mountain of cardio, stay away from carbs like it’s the black plague, or turn towards fad diets in times of desperation. Instead of going through those frustrations, some have sworn by a little stack called the EC stack. It’s seemingly effective for a lot of people and have some interesting side effects that’s suppose to lead to interesting fat loss. If you are looking to add a little extra kick to your fat loss program, without expecting a miracle to happen, keep reading to learn more about what an EC stack is and how to use it!

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