Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition


How much protein is too much protein

Ever wondered if you could just consume the majority of your protein in one protein shake and call it a day? I mean chugging on a protein shake every 3-4 hours, just to make sure you get in the maximum amount of protein you need for the day, can be pretty exhausting and sometimes a task that cannot be accomplished.

This is an interesting topic because of the fact that a lot of us don’t have the luxury to eat that many meals throughout the day and require consuming large amounts of protein to either maintain our muscle mass or actually grow some.

I have taken the time to look over some research and provide the break down found in them, to help ease your mind on this matter.

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The Meal Timing Myth

I am constantly met with questions about when to eat certain foods, and if to take a protein shake before or after lifting weights and if so, how much minutes before or after training should it be consumed? With all of these restrictions, it is no wonder people find weight lifting or the fitness lifestyle to be too complicated. Something like that would distract anyone from pursuing a healthy life style.

In this post, which will be a first of many, I talk about the myth that is meal timing.

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Why all proteins aren’t alike

Did you know that not all proteins are alike? In fact, some of the foods you may consume, may lack one or more of the essential amino acids that one needs to consume, to sustain a healthy lifestyle and an optimal functioning of the body.

This article takes an in depth look on how important protein is for bodybuilders and how acquiring all the needed amino acids into our system, is highly essential not just for the average joe but for building muscle mass. I mean, at the end of the day, you’re on this website to do just that. You are reading my blog also, to acquire that information. If you are a vegetarian, you may want to read this article and then do your own research on how to improve your overall diet, so that you too can consume all the essential amino acids that you need, to acquire that physique that you want!

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Artificial Sweetners and Anxiety/Heart Palpitation

Since the increased acknowledgment that high consumption of simple sugars can cause Type II Diabetes, the introduction of artificial sweeteners has been at an all time high. We’re told that it is better, when we’re dieting, to replace our sugary goods with artificial sweeteners, to help with the negative health effects. Despite that, there are some things you need to know about your lovely artificial sweeteners.

In this post, I address one of the negative effects of artificial sweeteners, and how I personally am dealing with it.

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Surviving the holidays

So it’s that time of the year again. We already had Thanksgiving and some people are probably experiencing the affects of that day all now, right when another hearty eating holiday is right around the corner. But, because of that, we don’t want to jump off the wagon and not be able to get back on it for a while. So this post is going to be focused on some little techniques you can use, to help keep on track and surviving the christmas holiday. We know it’s not just the day itself that’s the culprit but the days leading up to it and the days afterward, where if you have left over goodies, you are tempted to eat them. If you are looking to find some ways to get away from overindulging this Christmas holiday, keep reading!

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