Lifestyle Improvements

Lifestyle Improvements


How much protein is too much protein

Ever wondered if you could just consume the majority of your protein in one protein shake and call it a day? I mean chugging on a protein shake every 3-4 hours, just to make sure you get in the maximum amount of protein you need for the day, can be pretty exhausting and sometimes a task that cannot be accomplished.

This is an interesting topic because of the fact that a lot of us don’t have the luxury to eat that many meals throughout the day and require consuming large amounts of protein to either maintain our muscle mass or actually grow some.

I have taken the time to look over some research and provide the break down found in them, to help ease your mind on this matter.

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How to treat Wrist Tendinitis

After an extended period of physical activity, where you progressively overload your muscles so that growth may occur, certain injuries are inevitable. Over use of a body part, puts it under risk for injury and despite every possible attempt to make sure that injuries don’t happen, it is the smallest mistake that can take away your time at the gym. So because of that, treatments are necessary.

In this article, I provide four treatments for wrist tendonitis that I use personally. It has helped significantly with the pain and also allows me to train without experiencing the pain I have been enduring for a while now, especially on my left wrist. So, if you’re really serious about bodybuilding, you should definitely keep reading.

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Heavy weight training and Joint Pain

If you plan to push your body beyond what you expect it to do, you will face certain problems and issues that could hinder your progress. Athletes of all types, experience some form of joint issue throughout their career, whether the athlete is one who is doing it for fun or as an actual career. For professional athletes, they have people there (coaches, medical experts in the area of sports medicine, etc), to help them with recovering from these issues or preventing them in the future. For the average, mere mortal like you and I, we have to find our own solutions to these problems.

As joint issues is an inevitable part of heavy weight training, knowing how to treat it (at home remedies to help relieve the pain), and what to do to prevent it from reoccurring, is the best solution to the whole problem.

In this post, I provide you all the information you need to recover or prevent joint issues.

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Focus T-25

Focus T-25 is the new 25 minute workout program created by the same guy who brought you Insanity, Shaun T. If you do not have the time to workout the recommended 60 minutes, no sweat. I have incorporated Focus T-25, at least one of the cardio session, into my routine. High intensive workouts, allow you to exert a burst of energy, in a short period of time that would equate to a long exercise routine. If you can handle 25 minutes with Shaun T providing you an insane workout, at least 5 days a week, you will yield some significant gains that will keep you motivated and on the track to a healthier and more fit, you.

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If you are committed to lifting weights and getting muscular, you need to educate yourself on the possible injuries that could arise from it. Not everyone experiences these unfortunate injuries but learning about them and how to treat them, can help you significantly. Once you are getting stronger and lifting more weights in the gym, certain things happen inevitably. Knowing what to do when it happens, can; prevent you from causing more injury to yourself, doing the same thing that caused the problem in the first place and most importantly, prevent you from not being able to work out for a significant amount of time, while you allow the injured body part to recover. The latter, is a weight lifters worst nightmare. Lets be proactive and if an injury does occur, reactive in a manner that doesn’t take you out of the gym for a significant amount of time.

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