Training Techniques

Training Techniques


HIT and Weight Training

Most of us will easily admit, that cardiovascular workouts are dreaded workout routines. They are exhausting, provide you with some unwanted feelings, and have you not looking forward to performing them at all. Despite that, they are obviously a very good form of working out, that helps with improving ones cardiovascular health and is an overall healthy form of exercise that should be incorporated into everyone’s fitness routine. The only thing though is, if you’re looking to burn body fat, high intensive training is the way to go and cardiovascular routines that leave you exhausted, panting and sweating buckets, is the best method out there.

Fortunately for you though, you can incorporate your ever beloved weights into a program/routine that yields the same results as the conventional cardiovascular workout but aren’t so dreaded to perform. It isn’t easier, but it’s just much more acceptable to most of us who prefer lifting weights over running or biking.

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The Downside of Leg Pressing

I am sure you have heard about or have seen the leg press machine, and even wondered if it was necessary to even use it as part of your leg routine. I will personally admit, that I had always felt that doing leg presses, was something I had to do and incorporate into my leg day workout. In fact, I was so adamant about doing it, that I always told myself that doing my leg press was much more important than my back squat, so if I was crunched for time, that was the exercise I was going to do.

Unfortunately, progressing in the leg press exercise isn’t as safe as progressing in any of the other leg exercises, for example, squats. What people don’t tell you about the leg press exercise, is how damaging it can actually be on the knees.

In this post, I am going to speak on why it is damaging to your knees and if you so insist on incorporating it into your leg day workout, how you can still keep it there without experiencing any nasty knee problems.

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Strength train or not to strength train

Most people when they start off weight lifting, don’t worry about the whole power lifting aspect of it, which we can simply and loosely call strength training. The main reason for this is because most people are interested in just toning up their body, getting that six pack, maybe some defined arms and calling it a day. But for those who are serious about weight lifting, and love the whole sport of it (and yes, it is a sport!), may be struggling on how to incorporate a strength training program and a bodybuilding program, into one sickening workout routine!

In this post, I will talk about how you can incorporate these two lifting styles into your current routine, as most people sometimes feel it’s either one or the other but in reality, they both can live a happy union with each other and actually help you acquire that physique you’ve been dying to have, for so long!

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Back in the day, we all just assumed that jumping on a cardio machine of our choice and putting it on, was all that we needed to lose body fat. I mean it did make sense, just do more physical activity than you’re accustom to and your body is suppose to just lose body fat from the excess energy that’s required to perform those said activities. But did you know there are two different forms of cardio, that tend to do two separate things. So you have to wonder, which one is best for me? If you are interested in finding out which type of cardio is good for you, then please continue reading!

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EC Stack

Losing body fat is not an easy task. Anyone who says otherwise, were probably born with the genetics of a god and has no worries about having to cut in the first place or has an easy time doing it without much effort. Unlike those individuals, the rest of us have to either count our calories to the T, do a mountain of cardio, stay away from carbs like it’s the black plague, or turn towards fad diets in times of desperation. Instead of going through those frustrations, some have sworn by a little stack called the EC stack. It’s seemingly effective for a lot of people and have some interesting side effects that’s suppose to lead to interesting fat loss. If you are looking to add a little extra kick to your fat loss program, without expecting a miracle to happen, keep reading to learn more about what an EC stack is and how to use it!

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