How to Properly Bench Press

People always approach me and ask for advice, when it comes to working out and getting muscular like myself. They always want to know what my routine is, what I do specifically and how did I get so muscular. Some of them even tell me they have been working out for a while now and aren’t really seeing any progress. Aside from the other important aspects of fitness training (e.g. nutrition), that can prevent someone from seeing any progress in the gym, one of the most important component of fitness training that individuals don’t take much consideration in, is proper form. I constantly, through my blog and through advising others, emphasize the importance of form.

The barbell flat bench press exercise, is one that can yield significant gains in the gym and is a very important compound workout that one should learn how to do properly. It doesn’t make sense going through the motions of an exercise but not doing it properly, you are just wasting your time and this can lead you to becoming frustrated and demotivated.

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