CytogainerCytogainer is one of those two in one type of deals, when it comes to weight gainers. I came across this product, while trying to find out what would be an awesome weight gainer to get on. That was about 2 years ago, and it wasn’t a wasted use, either.

Cytogainer actually is a weight gainer that happens to have creatine in it! When you purchase this product and open it up, you see little white particles in it, wondering what in heaven’s name is it. Come to find out, it’s creatine! So not only are you consuming your proteins, carbs and very small amounts of fat per serving, you get at least 3 grams of creatine with your shake! So, you don’t have to go out there and purchase a creatine supplement, separate from your weight gainer. This 3 grams is sufficient. It’s just like having Jack3d, and not having to take any separate creatine supplement for the day as it has sufficient enough to provide you with significant benefits via use of this product.

I purchased the Chocolate Malt flavor, which was absolutely delicious. I was able to mix it in milk, as it’s a weight gainer so no worries of a funny taste due to the creatine being in it. It mixed very well, without any problems. The price wasn’t too bad either, it wasn’t great but it didn’t break the bank either. I do think there are more affordable weight gainers out there, but we keep having to remind ourselves of the creatine in it already! So if you want to save having to purchase a creatine product, then this is the item for you!

Overall rating: 5/5

Taste: 5/5
Mixibility: 5/5
Price: 5/5

You can purchase Cytogainer at If you have a student email address, you will qualify for Amazon Prime, which gives you free shipping.


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