Deadlift 140lbs for 5 reps

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Deadlift 140lbs for 5 reps

before i get to it, i just want to apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors that you may come across, if anyone is actually reading this.

i am making this entry to keep track of my lifts, and rather do this here than on a piece of paper or book that i am going to possibly misplace.

anyways, just started doing some serious leg workouts, along with deadlifts. so, i need to keep a track of what i am doing so that i can progress nicely, and keep lifing or increasing my lifts every workout session.

so today, on my deadlift, i did 140 lbs. i am concluding this from two; 45s, and two; 25s plates. if my math is wrong, or if i am suppose to incorporate the bar, please let me know. i am a dense towards these kind of things because of me now starting.

i was also asked to join a powerlifting crew, so i am seriously contemplating that. with school and everything, i don’t know if i’d have time to even compete, if i join it. so definitely have some thinking to do.

anyways, so 140lbs for the deadlift, and i want to go up to 150lbs next weekend. i am 145-148 lbs right now, body weight wise. so i want to be deadlifting more than i weigh, obviously.

so next week; 150. 2; 45s, 2; 25s and 2; 5s (if can find some, if not, two 10s and then that pushes me to 160).

i did the 140lbs for 5 reps, so i am either gonna go up in weight or up in reps. i am thinking more rep wise and when i hit 10, i can then add more on.

if anyone has any suggestions on this and reads this entry, please assist thank you! if not, i am more on the reps and then adding on.

anyways, that’s about it. will add more updates or whatever.


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