Please recognize that the posts found on this website, are my own personal opinion. I have compiled information from my years of bodybuilding and have provided this to you for free. The information found on this website, comes from my own personal experiences. I am not a professional or a fitness instructor, dietician or nutritionist.

Any of the articles, links, meal plans, workout plans, etc; are all products of external resources. These items can be found easily by googling them, and finding the source of the information. Even though I will provide a link to the source, I want it to be known, unless I personally send you an individually designed meal plan or workout plan, everything else is information found on the world wide web. These are information you can find for yourself but I have chosen to compile them, under one roof, to make it easier for you.

Yet again, I am not a professional. Also, I have the right to change this disclaimer, anytime without placing any notice to my visitors.

If you choose to use any of the workout plans, meal plans, or the information found on this website, that is yet again my own personal opinion and from my own personal experience or have been acquired from different resources online, I am not liable for any harm that may come to you. By utilizing the information on this website, you have freed me from any type of liability that could occur from you injuring yourself, in whatever manner, via use of the information on Love My Muscles.

Love My Muscles provides links and buy it now options for supplements provided by Amazon.com. Love My Muscles isn’t respsonsible for any activities that goes on between you and the retailer. We recommend that you check your carts properly, and make sure you are receiving the item(s) you desire before going through the payment process. Love My Muscles is not responsible for any wrongful purchases made, by clicking any of our links or buy it now buttons. Any problems that may occur from these purchases, please refer all complaints to Amazon.com.

Please remember, before engaging in any dietary plan, exercise routine, etc. to consult your personal physician to be approved for such strenuous activities.

Only when I acquire my personal trainer certificate, can I personally provide you individual needs on a trainer-client basis.

So yet again, anything you take from this website for the final time, is my own personal opinion and not of a professional. If you need to speak to a professional please refer to your local physician for a referral.

Thank you.

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