Dreaded Leg Day

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Dreaded Leg Day

The one thing about weight training, is constantly placing yourself in the mindset to always push more than you’ve ever pushed before. There is always a fear of not being able to accomplish this goal, or that you haven’t truly gained much strength to reach that point. The latter is an unfortunate moment, because then it means you have to either start eating more, or change up your training routine so that you can receive as much benefits from your overall workout.

Developed Legsleg extensions afterward, and did a 6 set routine, with the max reps being 20 for the first set and decreasing over time. Basically a decreasing set. I maxed at 140 lbs for 12 reps. Then I moved onto leg curls. That in itself, is a workout that I need to improve on. I am only doing 50 lbs for 12 reps! Like I have this huge fear in it, but I am going to keep doing it until I am gaining appropriately. Did individual leg curls for 10 reps with 25 lbs and reps with 50 lbs. So not too bad.

Deadlifted 170lbs for 3 reps, for about 4 sets. After doing those, I moved onto calves. Did some heavy motions on the standing calf raises machine. Warmed up with like 60s for 30 reps, and then moved finally to 160lbs for 10 to 12 reps.

Was told that high numbers work immensely with calf development. Lifting heavy and pushing yourself works. I also did the seated calf raises, although that machine doesn’t feel too natural to me it does help with isolating the calf muscles. A different set of burns come from it. Then a 100 reps of body weight standing calf raises.

Did 10 minute cardio before and after leg training and did some stretching for a couple of minutes. Overall, a very productive workout that has me sore even today!

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