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EC Stack

Losing body fat is not an easy task. Anyone who says otherwise, were probably born with the genetics of a god and has no worries about having to cut in the first place or has an easy time doing it without much effort. Unlike those individuals, the rest of us have to either count our calories to the T, do a mountain of cardio, stay away from carbs like it’s the black plague, or turn towards fad diets in times of desperation.

Instead of going through those frustrations, some have sworn by a little stack called the EC stack. It’s seemingly effective for a lot of people and have some interesting side effects that’s suppose to lead to interesting fat loss.

If you are looking to add a little extra kick to your fat loss program, without expecting a miracle to happen, keep reading to learn more about what an EC stack is and how to use it!

Just as a forewarning, one should consult a physician before using any type of medicine that isn’t recommended for any use other than it’s suggestive purpose. If you cannot handle caffeine or have negative side effects from ephedrine, then please do not consider using an EC stack. You are using this stack at your own risk and I am only providing information on how to use it and not what products to acquire, to include in the EC stack.

An EC stack is basically, a caffeine and ephedrine combination that is used to help boost fat loss. Some fat loss pills out there, use a substitute of ephedrine, ephedra, to yield the same results.

One of the positive side effects of Ephedrine, is appetite suppression. This is where the extra help in fat loss will come from. Caffeine is used to help with providing you the adequate amount of energy you need while performing your weight loss physical activity, whether it be weight lifting or cardio.

The recommended dosage for an EC stack is 25 mg of Ephedrine, twice a day and 100 mg of caffeine, twice a day. One dose of the EC stack should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast and another before midday so that you do not end up not being able to go to sleep because of the caffeine.

So yet again:

E: 25 mg, twice a day
C: 100 mg, twice a day

One also has to keep very hydrated while on an EC stack, so drinking a ton of water is recommended or some negative side effects like headaches, can occur. You definitely do not want to experience those negative effects of an EC stack. Also, when first taking the EC stack, one could expect to feel jittery but this is suppose to last a few days and subside after a while, as your body gets used to the high amounts of caffeine.

It’s recommended that you start off with half of the dosage of the caffeine or ephedrine to determine your individual resistance. Some people experience negative side effects from 25 mg of ephedrine which could cause vomiting and nausea, which is the same with taking too much caffeine at a given time. Sometimes 100 mg is too much to take in one sitting without doing any form of cardio, as would happen if you took the first dosage of the EC stack in the morning on an empty stomach without going to train. Most caffeine bottles, recommend taking the caffeine with a meal. You can do this by just splitting the stack into two parts, where you take the ephedrine before breakfast and caffeine while eating breakfast.

As an opinion, I personally did not enjoy using an EC stack. I definitely have a low threshold for both ingredients and felt nauseous for a long time without it subsiding. Personally, I am a bad candidate for an EC stack but I have read a lot of positive reviews from others, who have taken it and gotten great results with no negative sides. Also, I have heard people who required more caffeine, 200 mg twice a day, to feel any effects. Each person is different, this is why I made a warning claim before making this post.

There is no positive scientific evidence to prove that using an EC stack does yield exceptional results, in fact, any studies that are done shows that it only provides a small difference in weight loss and tend to not differ much from the control group, by only a lb or two. But some people do swear by it.

Personally, I suggest just doing cardio and heavy weights, and calling it a day but if you want to try it out and see how it works for you, by all means go ahead but thread lightly!

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