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Fasted Cardio

Since I have been cutting myself, I have been looking into different methods of accelerating my fat loss, after I have finished using one method. First was Intermittent Fasting, next was just eating regularly but utilizing HIIT (high intensive interval training), and soon it’s going to be using an EC stack and then along with it, fasted cardio.

Each one of these forms of dieting or training protocol, has yielded excellent results. Soon, I will be able to critique the use of an EC stack and fasted cardio, which you can follow this journey through my own personal fitness blog. I have done my research and here I am providing you with the information on why fasted cardio will work. Eventually, I will write up an article on the use of an EC stack, to effectively lose body fat, so keep tuned for that! But if you’re interested in learning about fasted cardio, please keep reading!

Fasted cardio is basically doing cardio on an empty stomach. Normally people do this early in the morning, prior to having their first meal for the day. The basic idea behind a fasted cardio, is that your body would utilize the body fat that it has stored, for energy.

See, the body’s preferred source of energy, is carbohydrates, which we get from food. Carbohydrates includes a sugar called glucose. Our body uses this glucose as the form of energy. It is what our cells use to go through it’s metabolic activities. So without it, our body basically doesn’t function at it’s optimum levels. But, thankfully our body does have the ability to use other forms of energy, and for this topic’s purpose, this other form is fat.

The reason fasted cardio is good for fat loss, doesn’t only come because of it’s ability to force our body to use fat as energy but why it does this. The bigger benefit of fasted cardio, is morning fasted cardio. Specifically because it helps our body become better at using fat for energy, which in essence will help us in the long run to lose more body fat.

When we wake up in the morning, our glucose levels are low because we’ve fasted for 8 plus hours, so as our body doesn’t have any other source of energy to use, it will inevitably utilize our stored body fat, to fuel the morning fasted cardio. As glucose levels are low, so are insulin levels which assist in fat mobilization. Once our body is in this fasted period, your body will be at a better state to transport and release fat for oxidation (basically using fat for energy).

While one is sleeping, our body is pumping out a hormone called growth hormone. The good thing about this is that as we wake up, this hormone is at it highest and decreases as the day goes along. The biggest benefit of this elevated growth hormone, is the fact the growth hormone is highly catabolic (means, to break down), towards fat cells. So in essence, this hormone will break down any stored fat.

To benefit from a fasted cardio session, is to have it be consistent so that the body learns to utilize fat as a fuel source, more efficiently. The body also has to be able to workout while at this fasted level, or it will defeat the whole purpose of the cardio session. So you want to be sure that you’re able to workout fasted as you would have, if you had consumed something. So thread lightly, before introducing fasted cardio into your workout routines.

Not only that but fasted cardio is highly beneficial to those who are at a normal or lower body fat percentage. It is not recommended generally, for people who are at a higher body fat percentage. For an individual with higher body fat, diet and regular cardio, would be suggested. Then moving on to fasted cardio, when your body fat has reduced to normal or lower levels.

So that’s it. I will be, yet again reporting my success with this form of cardio during my fitness blog, so check it out to look at my progress! I will also talk about EC stack sometime later. So you too, can benefit from it. I don’t want to talk about it right now because I think anyone who’s been reading my blog, are generally beginners and it’s best for you to focus on a proper diet and consistent training, to help with your fat loss and then when you think you are familiar with the dieting and training, you can introduce these other methods. Because to be honest and frank, they do not replace an awesome diet and awesome training regimen! ๐Ÿ™‚

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