Women and Bodybuilding

Women and Bodybuilding

Seeing as I am a female bodybuilder who, for the past couple of years, has been learning as much about weight training as possible, I can recognize when falsehoods are being spoken in the direction of females and weight training.

There’s a common misconception that it’s probably very hard for a woman, to gain muscle mass easily. That because of the lack of the production of testosterone, as in men, women who desire to have those muscular bodies, wouldn’t be able to do it without some type of anabolic assistance. As true as that may be, to a certain extent, the overall concept is false. If you’re looking to look like Lee Priest,¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dorian Yates, you’re going to definitely have to articificially increase your testosterone. But this may surprise some people, men have to do the same!

Women are capable, just as men, of building an immense amount of muscle mass. Biology has it, that whether you’re a male or a female, you will reach your natural level of muscle building abilities at a certain point. For some people it may be 3 years, for others it maybe more. It’s generally an individual time frame. Some people will give you an absolute window, but then others would provide you proof that they’re still gaining muscle mass. Whatever the process or limitation may be, at the end of the day we both will stop growing a certain amount of muscle, after a certain amount of time, regardless if you’re male or female.

The sad thing about weight training, when it comes to females, is that if you start bodybuilding and the muscle mass is piling on, people automatically assume you’re on some type of anabolic hormone. They fall into the fallacy that females cannot gain muscle mass like men, but I have already said that even though we may not be able to reach certain points that certain men can attain, there are male physiques that are naturally attainable for women.

Also, women can train just as intensely as men, in bodybuilding. There is no reason a woman can’t squat 250 lbs, deadlift 300 lbs, or bench press twice their body weight. The physiological aspect of weight training, doesn’t bother with whether you’re a male or female. If you place resistence on your muscles, and keep increasing that volume and weight of those barbells or dumbbells, then your¬†muscles will inevitably grow.

Don’t listen to any guy that may want to come in the gym and tell you to calm down with your training, or that you should take it easy. Because, you are as capable as he is in pushing yourself beyond the assumed limitations placed on yourself, as a woman.

Men don’t just suddenly gain muscle, if they don’t follow a proper routine, diet and get enough recovery period between their training sessions, they will have a hard time packing on any muscle. You can actually find more muscular females out there, who actually started training around the same time as the guy has, because her routine is in check. I know, personally, I am bigger than a lot of the guys at the gym. Even though some may be training for athleticism, and/or endurance for certain sports that a big size actually hinders performance, the point is, you can still be bigger.

It’s always a personal pleasure, when I can push as much weight as the guys in the gym, or when I am coming to use a machine after a bigger dude has used it and I am pushing more than he is.

So, if you’re a female who is interested in getting a masculine or bodybuilder physique regardless of how opposing this is to the female physique and feminine stereotype, then don’t make anyone make you believe that you cannot do it. Go look at my pictures and you can see, I am making immense progress.

I am always on different bodybuilding forums, reading other people’s journals and logs and they are progressing as much as I am. In fact, I am progressing faster than others, because I have a heavy understanding on the importance of diet and rest, when it comes to building muscle. A lot of guys are under the false understanding that you grow in the gym, when in fact you grow outside of the gym. Some people say that bodybuilding is about 10% the gym and 90% is diet and rest. Everything that happens after you leave the gym counts more than what’s going on in the gym because, if your diet and recovery isn’t in check, then your strength will not increase and your gains would not be acquired.

If you want to build muscle mass, you need to follow the structures that muscles have to employ to grow. You have to make sure to eat a lot of high protein foods, and get your cabrohydrates in from your grains that can be used for energy. Make sure to get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep because we tend to grow muscle while we’re asleep. Also, stay hydrated. Some say drink 1 oz of water per body weight, others say you can stick to the 10 to 12 glasses of water. However you want to calculate it, just remember to drink your water!

Remember, there is no limitations to you gaining muscle mass as a woman. Just listen to your body, and give it what it needs. No two people, not even men, gain muscle mass in the same efficient manner. One person might be able to gain muscle very easily, another may require more work, and then there’s those in between who always have to fight to keep bodyfat down but their muscle mass up. Regardless, don’t fall into that misconception that you cannot gain muscle like a guy. It’s ridiculous and it’s constantly being disproven by a lot of women in the bodybuilding community, who are 100% natural, like myself!


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