Fitness Tools

Fitness Tools

Everything you will need, to start that fitness/bodybuilding lifestyle.

In the Deals section of this website, I will highlight fitness tools you’ll want to get and make sure to provide you very affordable retailers to purchase these items from.

Protecting your hands

Some people like the rawness of training without gloves, but as majority of the visitors to this site are females, I believe gloves are in order. It helps getting over the pain that comes with gripping heavy weights, also preventing your hands from developing corns and calluses. Most sports stores have them. You can opt for the more expensive ones where you have a wrist wrap along with it, or just the gloves themselves which is more afforable. You can get them at various sports stores or online from


Protecting your lower back

Lifting belts are required, if you ever want to get into the heavy lifts of squatting, deadlifting or even bent over rows; depending on the weight used. They help support your lower back and your core, allowing you to push the limits of your weight training. You can get them from Amazon for affordable prices.


Protecting your wrists

Besides supplementing to keep good joint care, bodybuilders and weight trainers alike, have what we call wrist wraps. These little wraps, help support your wrists and prevents any type of damage due to heavy lifting or inability to keep good form during these heavy training exercises. So not to hinder your strength and lifting growths, these come in very handy. You use them under your gloves, to have overall protection. You can purchase one, either at

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