Rather learn about a product before buying it? I will, sort of, be your guinea pig.

I have used a good amount of pre-workout, post-workout, weight gainers and meal replacement supplements.

If there is a product that you’re interested in but you don’t see it in my list of reviews but still want one, you can always message me and I will either guide you to a place where you can find the information, or if I am personally interested in the product myself, I will sample it and review it for you.

On each review page, I provide links or buy it now options for these reviewed products. Make sure, if you want the Amazon Prime free shipping, to pick the item sold by Amazon!


Also, please make sure to read the instructional label on your supplement, and follow it precisely!

The Guinea Pig Speaks

  1. Superpump 250 (pre-workout)
  2. Superpump Max (pre-workout)
  3. Jack3d (pre-workout)
  4. GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified N.O. Loaded(pre-workout)
  5. GNC Weight Gainer (weight gainer)
  6. ON Serious Mass (weight gainer)
  7. Cytogainer (weight gainer)
  8. Real Gains (weight gainer)
  9. NOS Blast by Body Fortress (intra-workout)
  10. GNC Creatine Monohydrate (post-workout)
  11. Higher Power Micronized Creatine (post-workout)
  12. Body Fortress Creatine(post-workout)
  13. ON Whey 100% Gold Standard (protein supplement)
  14. Dymatize Gourmet: Protein and Casein Mix (protein supplement)
  15. Natrol; glucosamine chondroitin MSM (joint care supplement)
  16. Animal Flex (joint care supplement)
  17. Sainsbury’s Glucosamine Sulphate (joint care supplement that’s sold in the UK)
  18. Animal Pump (pre-workout)

*Note: sometimes my overall ratings for a product will be lower than the individual ratings for the taste, mixability, etc. The reason for this is generally stated in the review. Sometimes the product might have excellent ratings in the above mentioned categories, but is lacking in another area that I am not providing a rating scale for. If you wish for me to do so, please request and I will alter my formatting of my reviewing ratings. Thank you.

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