GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified N.O. Loaded

GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified N.O. Loaded

GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified N.O Loaded I got an extensive review to give about this product.

Firstly, I wanted to purchase Superpump Max, but as they ran out I had to go for another option. The worker at the GNC store that I am a member of, pointed me in the direction of the Pro Performance AMP N.O loaded, and as for some technical reason because of some expiration date mix up, they were selling it cheaper. So, I opted to choose this one over the N.O Xplode option.

The first serving on my training day, was a good one and I enjoyed it. The hefty scoop was a little grainy and didn’t dissolve completely in the shaker. It did talk about settling and some of it falling to the bottom of the bottle anyways, so that was expected. I found 14 oz of water to be nearly too much to drink before training but it is what it is.

After 2 sessions of consuming this, on the third one I experienced immense nausea at the gym. To the point of having to throw up on my leg day, and then get a gatorade to help me to continue my workout session. Now, the nausea did not leave me and I felt like that for the whole day. I thought it was because I trained on an empty stomach but while on Jack3d, I trained on an empty stomach and had no problems.

Fast forward some time ago, I decided to take it and got sick again. I had to throw up and do the whole Gatorade thing to get me through my training. So now I knew for sure, that it was the N.O loaded that was causing the problem. Yesterday, after a hiatus from the gym due to cold like symptoms I had for a bit, I decided I had to drink it to workout because I was heading there after school. Same thing. After a few minutes, I was feeling extremely nauseous and all the way to the gym, I was feeling like throwing up and burping, everything that was just discomforting to experience. So I trained, the feeling of nausea kind of went away and even though I wasn’t that nauseous it was enough to prevent me from wanting to eat. So I had no other choice but to google this and see if it was the nitric oxide that was causing me problems. I know some people experience nausea from creatine but I didn’t ever think I’d have such an adverse effect when it came to a N.O product.

But, from my readings, I came across caffeine as a culprit in N.O products that tend to make people nauseous. Recalling when I had looked at the labeling on the N.O product, it said that the servings had 400 mg of caffeine per scoop. So I looked up how much Jack3d have, and although it’s information not disclosed to people, some have guessed it to be between 60 to 100 grams of caffeine per serving. So even if I consumed 3 scoops of Jack3d, I was still no where near 1 scoop of N.O serving of caffeine!

High doses of caffeine is known to cause nausea!!! I realized immediately this was the reason I was feeling sick but I had to test it to see. So, I took literally a 1/4 serving today (Friday 21st 2011), and I got the energy without the feeling of nausea. In fact, I was able to eat something about 30 minutes after training, which I am normally not able to when I was taking the full dosage.

So, through my mistake you will learn that you need to assess how much tolerance you have when it comes to caffeine consumption. I’d suggest consuming 1/4 of this product until you feel you require more, and keep increasing until you’re at max of 1 scoop. I am not sure when I am going to increase but I have gym tomorrow again and plan to only use 1/4 with 8 oz of water. It seems sufficient for me and my training sessions.

As for the taste, I got the Fruit Punch flavor, so it tastes like a juice product. With the reduced serving size, it’s even less thick and no extra grainy taste or settling of it to the bottom of my shaker. It’s mixing excellent now and starts working under 30 minutes!

So besides the unfortunate lesson that I had to be learned, I give AMP N.O Loaded from GNC a 5/5.

Taste: 5/5
Mixability: 5/5
Price: 5/5

*This item can only be purchased had GNC stores or affiliated GNC retailers.

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  1. Joe - 2014/08/13 7:15 am

    I had a similar experience but a little more extreme the first few days were great with a little nausea so on my second week I decided to add 2 scoops to my pre workout after getting to the gym getting started on my circuit halfway through my workout I felt dizzy and short of breath scared the crap out of me almost past out out the whole 1 1/2 hr I will be bringing it back to gnc


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