GNC Weight Gainer

GNC Weight Gainer

Now, I tried GNC Weight Gainer back in the day when I first started off. It was around 2005, when I had now really gotten back into the weight training scene. Purchasing magazines like it was going out of style, and consuming weight gainers as if it was air. So, I wasn’t too familiar with what weight gainer I should get, so when I first joined the GNC membership club back then, it only made sense for me to purchase their weight gainer. So I did. Which, I would say was probably not the best purchases I have ever made.

Now, I am not saying that GNC Weight Gainer 2200 Gold, wasn’t doing what it was suppose to do but what I did notice later on, is that they had too much sugar. Yes, I was looking to gain weight but the sugar distribution in it, compared to some of the weight gainers I consume nowadays, were way off.

The taste was alright, wasn’t anything spectacular, as I have come to have tasted better.

Although that was about 6 years ago, I do believe they have improved on their product. They do have more carbs, 115 grams but their weight gainer does have more calories; 710, per serving. The amount of protein is only 52 grams. Which is a little disappointing because you’re consuming 100 calories more than some other products, but yet get 2 grams less? Also it’s serving per container, isn’t that impressive; 13 servings for a 5 lb container? Also, you need to use 4 scoops, to get the 710 calories.

These breakdowns are better than before but I’d rather pay the same amount of a 6 lb product, and have more protein in it at just 100 calories less.

Overall rating: 3/5

Taste: 4/5
Mixbility: 4/5
Price: 3/5

GNC products can only be purchased at a GNC Pro Performance Retailer.

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