Natrol Glucosamine Supplement

Natrol Glucosamine Supplement

Natrol Glucosamine Chrondroitin MSM Natrol Glucosamine Chrondroitin MSM is a joint care supplement, not generally used by fitness trainers, weight trainers, powerlifters or bodybuilders. They tend to use more potent substances that start working nearly, immediately. Unfortunately, Natrol Glucosamine, isn’t one of them.

I purchased this product sometime earlier this year, due to joint pains that I was experiencing from weight training. Eventually the pain became intolerable, causing inability to literally ungrasp barbells or having pain when placing them back on their respected racks. So, purchased this from Walgreens or one of those pharmacies and it was very affordable. Being a college student, affordability is always key.

One of the downside of this product is how much of these pills you have to consume, throughout the day, to get any type of effect. You have to take 3 tablets, with meals, throughout the day. Max 3 tablets basically. Before trying this product, I was actually using Sainsbury’s Glucosamine joint care supplement, brand. Because of the amount of servings to get any effect from Natrol, I didn’t use it until my Sainsbury’s joint supplement was done. Unlike Sainsbury’s joint care supplement which only has 1 tablet per serving, per day. It was unfortunate to go from 1 tablet a day, to 3.

Not only was there an increase in amount of tablets to consume, the effects weren’t immediate. I had to wait up to at least 2 weeks, before my joints stopped aching. I would have to say though, after the 2 weeks and drinking 3 tablets a day as recommended, the pain did subside. Although that is too long of a time, for any weight trainer’s liking. Even if the 3 tablets seemed to have been too much, if it worked immediately to be honest, I wouldn’t have cared to consume so many.

So overall rating, I give it a 2/5, for how long it took to actually kick in. After looking at some reviews online, it seems people with arthritis pain and other joint problems in older people, are the targetted customers. Someone who’s still in their youth? I wouldn’t recommend. But, if you can’t afford Animal Flex or live in the UK to consume Sainsbury’s Glucosamine supplement product, then you will have to settle for Natrol.

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