NOS Blast by Body Fortress

NOS Blast by Body Fortress

NOS BlastNOS Blast by Body Fortress is a very affordable intra-workout supplement. You can generally find it in Walmart, which guarantees you a very affordable price. Not only that, but it actually works! Some people are always a little reluctant to purchase supplements from Walmart, but this one does what it was made to do.

NOS Blast, yet again is an intra-workout supplement. This means that you drink it while you’re working out, not before and not afterward. You mix it in water and take it to the gym with you. This item provided me the needed energy to get through my upper/lower body split that I was on, during the time I was utilizing the product. It kept me focus, and able to finish the workout without feeling exhausted by it.

The taste is excellent. I used Fruit Punch which was a pleasant flavor to consume while training, instead of plain water.

I didn’t experience any pump from it, though but the pump from training was sufficient. I haven’t tried another intra-workout supplement, so I don’t have anything to compare it to but for an isolated product, it met my satisfaction.

Overall rating: 3/5

Taste: 5/5
Mixaibility: 5/5
Price: 5/5

You can purchase NOS Blast by Body Fortress at If you have a student email address, you will qualify for Amazon Prime, which gives you free shipping.

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  1. Rusty - 2011/08/15 5:58 pm

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wiritng!

  2. Chris - 2012/09/14 11:42 am

    Have been using NOS by Body Fortress for 2 weeks. I like fruit punch flavor, its refreshing. I usually only put in 1 scoop instead of 2 as recommended in a 16oz bottle but its sufficient for a moderate 1 hr workout. Its 100 mg of caffeine per scoop so one is enough for me. It works great, taste good, a good value at $30. Definitely recommend it.


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