ON Serious Mass

ON Serious Mass

ON Serious MassON Serious Mass would have to be the best weight gainer supplement I have ever consumed. I am not even exaggerating on this review, the amount of joy I get from consuming this shake. Optimum Nutrition definitely produced a master piece, when they created Serious Mass.

The taste in itself, is better than any other. I chose to purchase the chocolate flavor but I have no doubt that any other flavor, would be just as sumptuous as the one I chose.

Not only did the taste blow me away when it came to weight gainers, it also mixed excellently with milk or water. The amount of macronutrients essential to bodybuilding, in just 1 or 1/2 scoops, was insane. From 1 scoop you get about 600+ calories, from 2 scoops, you get over 1200 calories!! That’s about nearly half of some people’s daily intake, allowing them to literally consume about 2000 or 2500 calories without worry about hitting their calorie intake for the day, after consuming 2 scoops on Serious Mass.

Personally, I would mix it up in some milk, with about 1 scoop and have a delicious shake that helps me make up my calories for the day.

Besides the taste, and it’s combinations with water or milk. The overall mixability of Serious Mass is 100%. It mixes very easily with the milk or water, and doesn’t have any settling particles that you have to add more milk or water to swallow.

The only downside to Serious Mass is the limited servings if you utilize the max amount of servings. It has 2 scoops, for 1 serving. The overall protein amount is 50 grams per 1 serving. If you have only 1 scoop, it shoots you down to obviously 25 grams. Not only that but if you stick to the 2 scoops, you’ll only get 8 servings per container, if you get the container and not the bag. The 12 lb bag will give you about 16 servings per container, with 2 scoops being in 1 serving.

Check out my recommendations for upping the calories in your weight gainers, so you can save your products for future usage and have them longer.

Nevertheless, I still give ON Serious Mass a 5/5 rating.

Taste: 5/5
Mixability: 5/5
Price: 5/5

You can purchase On Serious Mass at Amazon.com. If you have a student email address, you will qualify for Amazon Prime, which gives you free shipping.

Choice Options: 12 lb bag, 3 lb and 6 lb.


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