Real Gains

Real Gains

Universal Real Gains is a genuine weight gainer, that definitely provides you with enough nurtients and calories, to supplement your bulking dietary needs. The fact that it has about 52 grams of protein per serving is ridiculous.

If you get the 6 lb container, it gives you 21 servings with 610 calories per. It only has 5 grams of sugar in it, which is excellent for any fitness person looking to only get the stuff they need. About 87 grams of total carbohydrates and a very low amount of fats also. Definitely is a product worth checking out.

As usual, my choice was chocolate. It was extremely delicious, especially when mixed with milk. It definitely kept me full till the next meal came around. Also was a recommended product, when I first started off. It’s a little pricey, and that might be the only deterrent but for what it’s worth, it does what it says it would do! Give you all that you need, to get those muscles growing!!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Taste: 5/5
Mixibility: 5/5
Price: 4/5

You can purchase On Serious Mass at If you have a student email address, you will qualify for Amazon Prime, which gives you free shipping.

Choice options: 3 lb, 6 lb and a 10 lb!


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