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Finding the time

turning back time/stopping timeThe hard part of weight training, is trying to find the time to do it. If you’re a full-time student or working a 9 to 5, or a combination of the both, sometimes finding time is nearly impossible. But, if you’ve ever dedicated yourself to any type of sport, or challenge, you do know that nearly nothing is impossible. Yes, you may not have the time to go to the gym 5 times a week, but maybe you do? Or, maybe you’re too tired after a long day, to think about going to a gym, or you work the night shift, whatever it may be, there is always a solution!

The solution to this problem is firstly, writing down exactly what it is that you do from the time you get up, to the time you go to bed. If you understand your schedule, you can find areas in it where you can include just 30 minutes of weight training. One doesn’t require that much in the gym, to see improvements. If you realize that right after work, you have a window where you can use to go to the gym, do it. Take a pre-workout supplement if you think you’re too exhausted and this will help immensely. Afraid you will miss dinner if you do this? Bring with you, your protein supplement in a shaker or your weight gainer, and when you’re done with training, mix it in water and consume! Or, prepare a sandwich or snack that’s specifically meant for you to eat, as soon as you’re done in the gym. Or, prepare your meal at home prior to that training day, so all you do is re-heat it and then consume!

Bar Camp London Sunday ScheduleGot time on the weekend? Why not make majority of your meals during the weekend, so you save yourself some time and you can use it to go to the gym instead.

What if you go to school before and then work afterward, what then? In this situation, you can utilize working out twice a week, or 3 times and make it much easier. Do it on the weekend, or get yourself a gym membership that is a place that’s 24hrs.

Another suggestion for a busy schedule that a lot of people use and I, myself, have used when my day was too busy, even up to the late hours of the night to go to the gym, was going in the early morning. Waking up about an hour before you normally do, and head to the gym. Take a pre-workout supplement and then snack on something while you’re heading to the gym. Or, you can workout on an empty stomach. I do it, and I am gaining muscle mass, so don’t get caught up on the idea of not weight training on an empty stomach. Once you’ve consumed a pre-workout supplement, you’re good to go.

I know early morning sessions seems tough, because who really wants to be up at 5 when they could get 1 more hour sleep and be up at 6 am? Well, the ones who actually want to see some kind of physical improvement in the gym and outside, that’s who! Not only that, but you can get up earlier, say at 4:30 am, drink your pre-workout supplement, and go back to bed and get up at 5:30 instead. I used to get up around this time, mix my shake, drink it and go right back to bed. Instead of staying up, watching morning news, to wait the 30 to 45 minutes recommendation by the supplement label instructions.

Lazy PensiveSo, we’ve focused on finding time in a schedule you may have time in, working out on the weekends only twice a week if you have to, going to the gym before work/school or going to a 24 hour fitness center, to get your workout on if you work nights or odd hours. There really isn’t much you need to know, on finding time. Majority of the time, you can add up how much minutes your wasting, sitting on the couch watching tv, that could be used at the gym. If you’re a student and your excuse is that you have to study too much, that in itself is just an excuse. I used to study sometimes, 8 hours a day, depending on how hard the course was. But, I wanted to get to the gym so I would take a recommended 30 minute break in between that long 8 hours, and go to the gym. Take a pre-workout supplement, get to walking and workout for about 30 minutes. Come back, consume some post-workout supplements, start preparing dinner and go back to studying.

It is very much possible. So like I said, check your schedule out, make that a routine and then find time to workout in that schedule of yours. Make it a consistent effort to do it, and it will become a habit that doesn’t require much energy but instead, something you look forward to!

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