Fitness Games

Fitness Games

So obsessed over fitness, that you don’t mind playing some fitness games offline or online? Well here is a list of cool fitness games I tend to play online. Also, a list of platform games you should purchase to spice up your fitness training program! Also can be found in the LOVE MY MUSCLES MEDIA STORE!

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Online Games

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Platform Games

Zumba is just a latin influenced aerobics workout that incorporates dance sequences into it’s mix. While you’re burning a sweat, you’re also listening to Grammy-Award winning latin music, that will get your hips moving to the beat. The idea of Zumba is to incorporate dance with fitness, taking you onto a whole different level of aerobics. While breaking a sweat, you’re learning a new move!

Fortunately for those who may not be able to find a Zumba class near us, we can purchase Zumba Fitness for our Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 consoles!

So what you’re waiting for? Get your Zumba on!




Dance Central isn’t really a fitness game but anything that gets you moving and making you break a sweat, is fitness whether you like it or not! The fact that it’s not the typical fitness workout, and is more of a way to just enjoy yourself, you can still stick this video game into your XBOX 360 console, and break a good amount of sweat burning those calories as you enjoy yourself! Not only that but you can learn how to do some of those impressive hip hop moves, that you could probably take onto the club’s dance floor……eh well not really.

Regardless of your reasons for geting Dance Central, keeping fit should be one of them! Unfortunately, Dance Central is only available on the XBOX 360 console.




UFC Personal Trainer is a heavy workout video game, that utilizes the insane exercises performed by the most famous and current UFC fighters, today. These are highly intensive exercises, that will definitely get your heart pumping, your muscles clenching and the sweat pouring. If you aren’t into the whole dancing-aerobics format, then this is definitely some hardcore training to develop that body you want. Unlike other conventional fitness videos, this is what the guys at The Ultimate Fighter, have to undergo. If you can get through this, your endurance levels will be insane!

Fortunately for us UFC fanatics, they have this personal trainer option on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii!

If you were looking for a crazy personal trainer, who has a no nonsense mentality and happens to not be me :P, then this is what you’ve been looking for!




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