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Focus T-25

As I continue on my path of attaining my ideal physique and becoming more fit, I am always seeking out routines or exercises that I can incorporate into my training, to do just that. I am and never was someone who was into the whole cardio scene. Despite that, my journey has been one with many changes. It started off with me wanting to be as big as possible, no matter how much fat I gained (got this mindset from the broscience that’s spewed all over the internet about gaining muscle and I will even talk about this in another blog entry sometime in the future), then it moved onto wanting to be as big as possible, but with low body fat (realized this isn’t even possible when it comes to wanting both at the same time, which is another topic I will talk about in the future), now I have reached a point where I want to be strong, muscular, with moderate endurance and still fit into my skinny jeans and Guess or Express tees. Basically, I want to look like I lift with a t-shirt on, but not too big that I am about to rip out of them either. Due to this new desired goal, that is much more practical than my previous ones, I realized incorporating a high intensive workout, would do just that. Seeing as I already do heavy weight training, I needed something cardio related to fit this part of my fitness regimen, and this is where Focus T-25 came into play.

Focus T-25, is a short cardio workout that is brought to us by the same guy who did the famous Insanity workout program, Shaun T. It is a 25 minute long workout, that has you moving from the time you start the exercise all the way to the end. It has beginner routines to help you get to the point you need to, which is the alpha cardio that is split into 5 DVDs and then 5 weeks later, you’re onto the 5 DVD section that’s called Beta Cardio, that’s suppose to get you shredded!

This workout program is absolutely insane! I am accustom to doing my workouts in 1 hour or 2 hour sessions, but fitting all that into 25 minutes, had me sweating buckets, begging for water, and feeling like I was trying to keep up with some of the fastest sprinters in the world. The burst of energy it requires from you, helps most definitely with fat loss. This is definitely high intensive training, taken to a level where the average person can yield some awesome gains.

I have incorporated the cardio session of the Alpha program, into my routine and I must say, it’s one of my most dreaded training days because it definitely challenges you. This workout delivers, and if followed properly, will provide you the results you are looking for. If you want to incorporate the cardio sessions into your own weight training routine, I highly recommend it!

You can purchase a copy of Focus T-25 at the Beach Body website.

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