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Gains + New Approach

So, I took 3 days off from training and started back yesterday, Thursday. Getting back into the gym, introduced me to some new gains actually, strength gains. I went from barely pushing 50s for 6 reps on bench press, and now I am pushing 55s for 10 reps. Definitely was impressed with my performance, to say the least. Not only that but I started curling 40s on alternate bicep curls, for 10 reps. Gained some strength in the pull down, at 125lbs for 8 reps. Finally, tricep push downs have reached 160lbs for 8 reps. The unfortunate thing for the latter, is I believe the machine goes up to 200 and something, can’t tell the numbers on it but when I reach that point, what happens next? I guess supersets would be in order around then. ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides the gains, I have been researching eating on a maintenance calories and gaining muscle mass. During my research, I have found mixed reviews on this, as always. But, I have interacted with people who have done just this but it follows certain conditions. One, you have to be coming back into training, after a long period of rest. A lot of past athletes, who allowed themselves to slack when it comes to training and nutrition, have done a muscle building routine while on a maintenance calories, just making sure their protein intake was sufficient. Also, the other condition, which fits into my situation, is if you’re at a high body fat percentage and haven’t reached your genetic limitations when it comes to growth. Supposedly, the leaner you are, the harder it would be to gain muscle mass while on maintenance. So, to gain with a low body fat percentage, excess calories for energy, would be needed.

So, I believe I am at about 25% body fat. I don’t have a caliper to measure it, but I am guestimating based on body fat charts I have viewed online. With this body fat percentage, I am at the point where I can go on a maintenance and train 3 times a week, consume 155 grams of protein and supposedly, reduce in body fat but stay around the same number. I have read a personal experience from one individual, who was at 15% body fat, and about 189 lbs, worked out on a maintenance calorie intake and reduced his body fat percentage to 11% and only lost 1 pound!

I am going to be adding some progress pictures and plan to do this routine in a 3 month period. This will help me not be too frustrated in getting my calories in, to bulk but also a downside would be that I will be consuming more protein and weight gainer than normal. To get my 155 grams per body weight, in protein and keep at a maintenance calories, I am going to have no other choice but use the best options to get that amount of grams with such a low calorie intake.

Using the calorie counter also, is going to be a must until I have an idea of what a daily intake would look like. I will be weighing myself every week, to make sure I am not losing weight. The idea is to stay the same weight, gain muscle supposedly, and drop body fat. I have found this method to work with others and I have used it myself but not for such a long period of time as 3 months. We will see what happens, and through this, if it works immensely, you guys can follow suit! ๐Ÿ™‚

Details of training

As I always recommend to my readers, I will use the calorie calculator to determine how much my maintenance calories is, on a 3 day training split, at 5’5″ and 155 lbs.

After entering my precise information, it gives me about 2000 calories to maintain my weight. I am rounding it off, because 1987 calories, would be a little too hard to meet. A nice round number, is always a better choice when you’re deciding on how much calories you want to consume.

Afterward, as I am more accustom to eating about 2400 calories on my bulk, I will be using my calorie counter online program, to keep track of my meals. I will enter into the system 2000 calories, and make sure I hit 155 grams of protein per pound of body weight, and 2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight along with just about 60 grams to 90, hoping to keep on the former, when it comes to fat. The calorie counter website, also has a calorie calculator system, when you click to alter your Account Settings. On it, it recommends that I consume about 2200 calories to main my 155 lb frame. But it also mentions that all of this is based on age, gender and other factors that can cause the number to vary. Because of this, I am going to use this number as a ball park, if I find I am losing weight, or even lost 2 lbs after a week and something, I will increase my calorie intake to 2200 based on the calorie counter’s calculations.

The sometimes frustrating side of weight training and bodybuilding, is when you start a new routine, you have to watch for changes that you may not want and if it occurs, adjust your routine and diet to get it back on track.

Above is a display to show you what the account settings screen looks like. The link that says “advice”, is what takes you to their own calculator, that basically is you providing your weight and previous information would be used to calculate your calorie intake to either gain, maintain or lose weight.

I have installed another wordpress blog, so that you can follow my 3 month journey on trying to gain muscle mass and lose body fat, both at the same time. Remember, supposedly this works very well for those who are at a certain body fat. If you’re already lean, this would not work or would be extremely difficult.

I will be providing before pictures of me now, in certain poses and give a visual update every single month. Hopefully at the end of month 3, there would be a significant loss of body fat. I don’t expect a 6 pack, but I’d expect a 6 pack to be attainable, if I continue for 2 more months after my 3 month mark.

Visit my journey blog, by clicking here.

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