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How to choose the right gym?

That’s the question for today’s blog post. I will be trying my best, to provide some resources, questions to ask, and other little tid bit of information in regards to choosing the right gym. Sometimes picking a gym, as a beginner, can be frustrating. Not only that but sometimes we’re on a budget and getting into a high priced gym, isn’t even in our plans. So what to do then? These are the types of points I will be going through, and attempting to eradicate with some reasonable solutions and/or suggestions.

First, if you are able to, I would recommend trying to find out if any one of these listed, recommended gyms, are in close proximity to you:

  1. Gold’s Gym
  2. Bally’s Fitness
  3. 24 Hour Fitness

The reason I chose those 3, is from what I have heard from others and from my own personal experience. Gold’s gym is very much, veer towards bodybuilders and weight trainers. The amount of equipment in that gym, can support your mass building routines without a problem. The same goes along with the rest of the gyms listed. Also, majority of them are either 24hr or open very early and close very late. This will support the schedules for those who desire to workout in the morning or late at night after your day has come to a halt.

Highgrove GymWhen choosing a gym, you always want to look at the equipment available. Ask for a walk through, so you can spot the necessary machines and equipment you need, to build a lot of muscle mass. If you do a walk through and the majority of the equipment you see are cardio machines, spin class equipment, etc, then this isn’t the gym for you. You have to keep your eye open for bench press machines, incline and flat bench that can utilize barbells or dumbells. A lot of barbells that go up to at least a 120 plus, dumbbells that go up to the hundreds, squat rack, smith machine, leg press machine, leg curl machine, a lot of plates and an extensive list of alternative workout machines. Now, you don’t have to have the alternative machines but the former list is a recommendation. Without it, you will limit yourself and if you come across a routine that requires heavy loads and high volume, you may not be able to do it.

Certain gyms you may want to stay away from if you’re into the bodybuilding lifestyle, are the ones that lack any of these machines, promote some kind of theme day, have a lot of females in it, and don’t seem observably conducive to weight training. The female pointer, isn’t to offend anyone but generally if you see too many females in a gym, then most likely that gym is more focused on a female’s ideal physical pathway when it comes to fitness training and generally, not directed towards females who are interested in heavy weight training. I am not saying, don’t join a gym with females, the point is, if you see that 95% of the gym is females, most likely the gym is veered towards females and the 5% are those who are either looking to pick up women or not interested in bodybuilding.

StrongmanAnother thing you need to look out for while gym shopping, is how much space between the equipment is there in the gym. If there isn’t much, you most likely wouldn’t have the room to be free to workout as you’d like to. You don’t want to join a gym that you feel cramped, or that when it’s full you have no equipment to use and it becomes a wasteful session. Also, check to see if the gym has a “no dropping of weights” policy. Even if you have to ask, you should inquire about it unless they have signs up indicating this. Generally, some people find dropping of weights annoying but sometimes lifting heavy weights by yourself, can only be safely placed on the floor, via dropping it. So a gym with a noise policy, might seem odd but they do exist. If you come across this, please exit immediately! You don’t have time for this quiet stuff, this is a bodybuilding lifestlye you’re looking to follow. A little grunting, and dropping of weights will happen, once you’re progressing appropriately, in the gym.

Find out if there is any sign up deals happening, and if not, make sure you understand the contract you are going to get yourself into, if you’ve chosen a gym already. The max I think one should pay for a gym is $40. Some places may be higher because of the location, you may want to look around for other gyms that are in close proximity that provide you excellent service at an affordable price. Also, some gyms have yearly maintenance fees, a one time sign up fee, and other fees that come from the first sign up. Make sure to be aware of this, so you are prepared.

Finally, if you plan to workout before work, you may want to find a gym with a decent locker room. A nice clean locker room, is always a plus no matter what.

If you are a college student, obviously finding a gym isn’t necessary as you can always use your school’s gym. I’d check out there alumni membership deals, so that if you do live close to your university, you can compare the prices of an off campus gym or your school’s gym, after you’ve graduated.

If at the end of the day, the gyms you find are still too expensive but you’ve found one that’s small but affordable, then still check out the equipment. Maybe ask them when is the least crowded hours, so you can utilize that. Or be smart when training and work in with someone. Even though a small gym wouldn’t be my first choice, I do understand the economical limitations some people may have but still would like to engage in the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Hopefully I was able to give you some kind of idea, of how to pick a gym. Some people generally just go for what their friends like, or where they go, but sometimes their goals may not be the same as yours. That gym they are a member of, maybe sufficient for their long or short term desires. So please, make sure you pick the gym that suits your goals, or you will become frustrated, get locked into a contract, and end up wasting a lot of your time and money.

Keep checking up on my site, I will be posting some gym deals every time I find them. This will include; free passes on certain days, deals on signing up, and etc!

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