Hammer Curls

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Hammer Curls

So today was biceps and chest day. Because last week I didn’t get to go all out on my biceps workout, I decided this week I will work on my biceps first and then chest. This allowed for my maximum amount of strength to be focused on my biceps so that I can max out on my lifts. Obviously this took away from my strength on the chest, but it was worth it. I am thinking, alternating on which muscle group is worked on first in the session, will help me to maximize my overall gains at the gym.

So above is me performing hammer curls with 50 lb dumbbells. You might be wondering why I have my head down while I am performing the exercise and that is because it helps me focus on the form and contracting my muscles while I lift. I haven’t done 50s for hammer curls so this is a first for me. I know as I get stronger in this lift, this technique of mine will help me to continue progressing in it.

I also did 80s for 3 reps on barbell biceps curl but of course, I didn’t get a video of that.

As for chest, I did mostly dumbbell exercises and focused on the basics: flat, incline and decline bench press.

My best was decline using 45s. I could have done more but was exhausted by then and had to leave. So it was productive overall. I feel awesome right now and the biceps workout, was just phenomenal! ๐Ÿ™‚

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