How to bulk without counting calories

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How to bulk without counting calories

One of the hardest things that people come across when it comes to weight training, is eating properly. I have already spoken on how important nutrition is, whether it is for bulking or cutting. Certain things you should try to focus on accomplishing no matter what, although there are debates on whether to be sticklers about it or not. Either way, that’s not the topic for today. Today I want to focus on eating for a bulk, but not really focusing on counting calories.

The best way to eat on a bulk, without counting calories is the most logical thing; use one day out of the whole week and count them damn calories!

But if you want some more suggestions instead of that obvious one, then continue reading!

You cannot get away from counting calories, but you can get away from counting calories every single day. The trick is becoming aware of how much each of the food that you consume, has in their macronutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats. Once you have a keen idea of how much, roughly, each of these food groups or meals have in relation to those macros, it makes it very easy to bulk without counting.

Eat solid foods and unprocessed foods. So stick with your chicken breast, your red meat, your pasta, rice, whole wheat products, diary, cheese, etc. If you stick with items that aren’t junk food, but stuff you prepare for yourself, it is very easy to know how much you’re consuming.

Use the calorie calculator at the bottom of my website, calculate how much you need to consume, to keep the weight you have while performing how many days of exercise or physical activity, and then add 500 calories above that. For females, we should gauge how much we’re susceptible to gaining weight. Although carbohydrates in high abundance is easily transferable to stored fat, whether in men or women, we have a harder time with partitioning our nutrients to our muscles. Generally, we shouldn’t eat too much carbohydrates but, your body’s primary source of energy is carbs, so you HAVE to eat carbs to gain muscle mass. There is no way around it. So if you feel you gain fat very easily, then eat about 300 calories above your maintenance. If after 3 weeks, you find you haven’t gained weight, then you can proceed to consuming 500 calories above the amount that was calculated by the calorie calculator that I spoke about earlier.

After you’ve tried one full day, using a calorie counter, which you can find one at the bottom of the website under Useful Links, you will have a good idea of what kind of meals to prepare, to keep you in those range. If you aren’t confident with just one day, try one full week of doing it (7 days, not 5 working days!! lol), and then proceed to guesstimating it. But like I said, if you stick with the dense foods, and unprocessed foods, you will be able to guesstimate and prevent any huge amount of fat gains from occurring.

Well that’s it for now. Next time, I am going to talk about how to keep the body fat down, while bulking. It really helps with the self-esteem during bulking, and also helps you practice another form of eating habits, that you will definitely be using later on in your training life.

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