How to eat while bulking

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How to eat while bulking

One of the hardest things to do, for many interested in gaining muscle mass, is eating.

They tell you this time and time again that the only way to gain muscle, is to eat in excess. We already went through how much you’re suppose to eat over and that’s just the easy part. Once you’re at least consuming 500 calories over your maintenance, you will gain muscle mass. Of course you have to consume your 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, and 2 to 2.5 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight. But you already knew this, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

If you want to learn how to eat to bulk, I suggest you keep reading.

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So how can someone who’s accustom to eating like a bird, start eating like a bear/lion? It isn’t easy and it takes dedication but thankfully our body loves to adapt to new situations. Our stomach has the great ability to expand, and it’s through this that we’re going to enable ourselves to after awhile, require the amount of foods we’re going to attempt to consume.

When I first started bodybuilding, the eat everything in sight, was instilled in me every time I asked for help online. So I started doing just that. My suggestion is, eat everything healthy that’s in sight and follow the 9 steps to a healthy lifestyle, to prevent a great amount of fat gain while you’re bulking.

Divide your meals into 7 per day. This isn’t just for increase metabolism, as they say over and over again but it can also help with separating your meals over a period of time, so that you can guarantee reaching your required intake for the day when it comes to bulking.

A good example is, if you are to consume 3500 calories per day, and you train 5 times a week so this is recommended for the 5 days you’re training and about 200 calories below the 3500 (3300) on your off days. If you consume 7 meals, you have at least 500 calories per meal. You can always use 6 meals if you want, or 5, but as you increase your meals over the day you are allowing yourself to not feel overwhelmed every time you sit down to have a snack.

Now the hard part is actually being hungry every 2 to 3 hours. If you were eating like a bird, you’re not going to be hungry after the 2 hours. For whatever reason, this is where you have to purposely force yourself to eat. Sit down with a meal that’s pleasant and tasty, and slowly eat your food. Give yourself some time, because it’s going to be hard. If you feel nauseous, just relax for a few minutes and keep eating.

To succeed at this, you have to mentally prepare yourself to feed every 3 hours. Tell yourself, when you see the time is coming, that you are hungry and it’s time to eat. Eventually, your body is going to expect to be fed in 3 hours, and you ARE going to be hungry. Sometimes you end up tricking yourself so badly, you’re always feel that you’re hungry even though you’re not. This is good because you know once you eat, you’re going to consume all that you’ve made for yourself.

It may take you up to a week, to get accustom to eating so much food. Some times you may feel too full to continue, and during these times meal replacement supplements like a protein shake or weight gainer, helps so much. The good thing about those is that, you’ve eaten, provided your body the macro-nutrients you need to grow but sometimes you don’t feel as full as if you ate a meal that was equivalent to the same amount of calories in that shake.

I will also suggest, getting yourself some purge supplement or tea, to help clean yourself out about maybe every month. I have realized that throughout my time when I used to have a hard time eating to bulk, I would also feel nauseous even if I got accustom to eating so much. I believe cleansing the colon, helps with overall health. Sometimes a high amount of fiber really doesn’t do the wonders of a good purge tea/supplement. This will help clean out your system and get you back to feeling right.

Try not to sweat it, it takes time to get to the high amounts of eating. But yet again as I said before, our body is awesome in it’s adaptable measures. So someone who couldn’t even eat 2000 calories, if they have the will power and tenacity can consume 3500 calories without breaking a sweat!

I mean I did it, and if you check out my before pictures, you can see I was skinny as a damn twig.

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