How to Properly Bench Press

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How to Properly Bench Press

Performing the barbell bench press exercise, should be one that is done correctly due to the amount of strain that can be placed on the deltoids throughout the workout. Due to this concern, properly warming up the shoulder muscles allows for injuries to be reduced significantly. No one wants busted shoulder joints, that can hinder their overall weight lifting and fitness progress. Aside from properly warming up, performing the barbell bench press properly, helps with yielding significant gains through muscle growth and also with the strength of the lift, itself.

Prior to performing the flat bench press with barbells, my routine focused on dumbbell bench press because I recognized the significance of the restrictive movement that barbell bench press brought with it. Because of this, performing the exercise correctly, was very important. Unlike the dumbbell bench press, the barbell bench press places your arms in a static position, where it is restricted to moving up and down in this restrictive manner. With this understanding, I struggled to find a resource that could provide me with a very simple, coherent and precise instruction on how to perform the barbell bench press.

Through this search, I finally came across a video on you tube that provided me with the information I needed. Thus far, my bench press has jumped significantly from struggling with 135 lbs for just a few reps, to doing 185 lbs for 2 reps, with strict form. I could feel the increase in my benching strength, just from following these simple instructions in the video I embedded below:

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