How To Stay Motivated

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How To Stay Motivated

One of the obstacles anyone has to face when it comes to attaining their ideal body, is losing motivation. Sometimes stress in our life makes us stumble and not want to get up. Other times, certain situations causes us to become down and depress, not having the desire or the will to do the things we once enjoyed doing. Not only that, but it prevents us from meeting our daily activities when it comes to our individual fitness goals.

When one is down and depressed, the last thing they want to do is go to the gym or prepare a protein shake or that particular meal for the day. The feeling of bewilderment just overcomes them and they are just overwhelmed with negative emotions.

Emotions aren’t the only things that demotivates us from succeeding or acquiring the physique that we want. Sometimes we find that our gains aren’t coming fast enough, or that we see someone else losing weight quicker or gaining muscle faster. I am sure you have at least seen or heard of someone who could eat absolutely anything they want to from burgers from fast food joints toice cream, cake, cookies, etc., and not hinder their gains what so ever. Either they keep building muscle while you’re there struggle to get a 1 lb of muscle, or they are losing weight and you’re there running on the treadmill for hours, certain amount of times per week and can’t even lose that extra 10 lbs you’ve been trying to get rid of for how ever long.

All these things, in some way or fashion, can lead one to become demotivated and giving up. It’s sometimes easier to give up, rather than to carry on because it’s the option that requires the least amount of energy. But, if you give up, what happens then? All you have done is failed yourself and the day you decide to get back into training or pursuing that physical fitness goal you’ve always been dreaming of, when it comes to your physique, what is there to stop you from becoming demotivated again?

Read on if you want to learn some personal methods I have used, to help me keep motivated.

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One of the best ways to keep motivated, is learning how to cope with every day obstacles. Also, learning how to overcome plateaus and still making it to the gym even though you just had an argument with your significant other and all you rather do is sit down with a tub of ice cream and watch whatever Lifetime movie is on. One suggestion is, if you reach a point, where you’re not gaining anymore strength. Ask yourself, is my diet in check? If it is. Then utilize strength training techniques, like 5×5. Only doing 5 reps with weights you can only do 5 reps with, for 5 sets. Incorporate more compound exercises like squats, and bench press into your training routine. What about plateaus? They are about the same thing as obstacles, as it’s something you’re looking to get over to keep making gains and progress. Check your diet and your training. Are you training too much? Is doing cardio 5 days a week, becoming a little too much? If so, do 20 minutes of Sprinting instead. Incorporate other training protocols and see which one kicks start the progress again.

The one way that I keep motivated, is finally knowing that my time spent, is time well spent. What I mean by this is that, because of my consistency, compared to many years ago when I started lifting weights, I have seen significant gains! Since the summer of last year, when I decided to lose some body fat so I could get back on track, I have not stopped for nothing. I have remained consistent. Even when I was on vacation at a hotel, and didn’t have access to a full fledged gym, I utilized the small one they had. I did body weight exercises and made sure to use the stairs instead of the elevator when I wanted to get to my room. Or, I could have easily allowed myself to relax and recover. Taking time off from the gym, sometimes actually increases your strength. Recently I spoke about how I had taken time from the gym and when I returned, I was stronger! Sometimes the break helps giving you new motivations, because of new gains made when you return to the gym.

Consistency is key. Later on I will touch on this subject but for now, I want to say that this is the only way you will guarantee yourself, to see gains. So when you feel down or depressed, think that if you just went to the gym you will be one step closer to your ideal physique. I know the one thing that I am going to be guaranteed to be happy about, is meeting my physical goals that I have set for myself. I know the day that I get on that scale and I am 160 lbs at about 12% body fat, that I am going to be extremely proud of myself. I will know that I could absolutely, 100%, accomplish anything once I stick with it.

Learn that negative situations, are only temporary. Sit back and try to figure out how to solve the stressful situation. Is it something you can change through your own efforts? Or is it something that cannot be changed, so instead, you have to learn to live with it? These are the questions you want to ask yourself when you meet situations like this. So that you can quickly move on, and get to the gym and do exactly what it is you want to do!

Another way to stay motivated, is recognizing that anything worth having, requires a lot of time. So give yourself some realistic time lines to get to where you want to be. Say, “I plan to be at [certain goal] by next year summer”. Or, “a year from now, I should be looking a certain way”. This gives you a realistic deadline that you can meet, and even if you fumble along the way, you still have time.

Try to imagine yourself in the ideal physique you want to get to. Imagine how you will feel, how you will be acquiring compliments where ever you go, how excited you would be that you’ve finally made it to that physical goal of yours. Keep thinking of it, and it will keep being a priority in your life. It will become the biggest goal you have ever set for yourself and no matter what you MUST achieve it.

See life has a challenge. By seeing life as a challenge, you can keep motivated because nothing can demotivate you because everything is a problem waiting to be solved. See yourself as the master of problem solving, and all you have to do is sit down, clear your mind and subjectively view the situation from all possible perspectives. This will allow you to figure out the best solution and even multiple solutions to your problem.

I know you must be thinking, this sounds more like a way to cope with life, but like I said before, majority of what gets us demotivated, is life itself. If we can de-clutter our lives and bring order to it, then we can focus on the goals we so desperately want to achieve.

Just in case you are wondering, where I get the nerve to speak about coping skills, etc., I do have a B.S in psychology and I am legally allowed to counsel individuals. Although I choose not to, I can understand how psychology plays a major role in attaining one’s physical goals.

So keep motivated because in no time, you will have the body that you’ve always dreamed of!

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