IIFYM – Revisited

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IIFYM – Revisited

IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, the eating protocol that most strict fitness experts may not advise their clients to follow, but I have personally tried it and have gotten excellent results from it. It’s no miracle eating protocol and it’s not the eating protocol to save all eating protocols. It’s a concept that I have seen others yield great results from and myself.

I have previously spoken about IIFYM (IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS), in this blog but now, I want to talk about how to use this eating protocol to your own personal benefit. I had mainly hit the points of what it was, and how it generally works but I want to make it a little clearer this time around.

Now, a lot of people when they see IIFYM, they assume that they can eat whatever they want and call it a day, which puts a negative name on the whole concept. In all honesty, IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, is meant to allow one to eat the things they like, and also keep to their diet and fitness goals on track.

But, if you’re interested in learning how to use this eating protocol to your benefit, please keep reading this article!

A little quick reminder of what IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, is all about. The quick concept is that once someone has hit all the macros they need to consume in a day, they can eat whatever they like to fill up the rest of the calories that they have for that particular day. So say you reach your 1g of protein per pound of body weight, low or adequate enough carbohydrates to fulfill whatever fitness goals you have and then an efficient amount of fats and you are left over with 300 calories, then you can easily eat that small slice of cake and not feel bad about it.

Now, this concept can be expanded to a more practical route. Not all the time, do we have the luxury of eating what we’re suppose to have eaten during the day and when we get home, have to fill up the rest of our calories with whatever we have. Say for example, you went to work had your breakfast before work, your lunch but for some reason a business meeting suddenly happens and you are going to be missing dinner. You decide to stop by a fast food joint and get yourself something but when you get home, and eat it, you feel bad because you’ve just effed up your whole diet and now you are 10 steps back! Well, in all honesty, this doesn’t have to be an effed up situation. If you proceed, after eating this meal, and calculate it into your caloric intake for the day with your macros, you can then switch around your meal plan for the rest of that day, to include foods that will put everything back in place. So in essence, IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, is being done in this scenario, whether you realize it or not. Because you’ve fit the meal, into your macros! Get it?

Another way this can be used, is to purposely include a meal into your dietary intake for the day, by calculating it prior to consuming it as you would have done with your calorie counter. So IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, can be used for unforeseen foods, like with the business meeting and having a fast food meal for dinner, or if you are going out to some event and anticipate you will be there for a while, you can fit those meals into your calculator.

How this will work in a scenario, is if you are going to have dinner with your friends at some buffet, you can easily either look up the foods you plan to have and add it to your calorie counter and add other meals that would put your macros in check. Or, you can go eat the food and come back and put in what you’ve eaten and then fix it in a way that it fits your macros. Best way for this to work, is to eat in moderation though. You don’t want to over do it, or else you will definitely go over your caloric intake, and this wouldn’t be good if you’re on a deficit. Although some mistakes are allowed, you don’t want to be consistent with it either.

By understanding IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, it helps you to guide your way around foods that seem to be bad for your progress, and actually make it not so bad after all. Because once you’ve eaten that “bad” meal and eat clean for the rest of the day, you don’t have to feel guilty what so ever!

This eating protocol can be used for cutting or bulking. Currently, I am cutting and I use IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS. In fact, I just had myself a spicy chicken sandwich from KFC and I am going to calculate this into my caloric intake for today along with my dinner, and make sure that everything fits nicely so that I benefit from this meal rather than feel guilty about it.

I have been losing weight steadily and have been utilizing this eating protocol since the day I started writing about it. Not only that but I am cutting up nicely also. I am not just losing weight but I am losing my fat steadily and retaining my muscles.

One big key though, is to make sure your caloric intake is always in the range that you decided it should be to gain or lose weight. IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, isn’t a ticket to go ahead and start eating whatever you want, like ice cream for breakfast, cookies for dinner or anything of those sort. What it’s made for, is to allow you to enjoy the things you want every now and then and not feel bad about it. You could possibly get away with having at least one of these IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS meals into your daily diet, but counting calories is the only way to make sure that this will be something to be kept on track.

Lastly, do not use IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, as an excuse to start eating whatever, whenever and how many times. It becomes even more difficult as ridiculous as the meal is, for example; eating a whole pizza. If you are on a deficit, you are going to find it hard to add that and keep within your macros, especially the fat intake. Now a slice or two, that is something you can easily manage ๐Ÿ™‚

If you do not feel comfortable following this protocol and think you will fall off the wagon if you got to eat certain things on a nearly, daily, cycle, then don’t try it. This is just an eating protocol for those who have the confidence that they will keep on track with counting their calories and fitting these meals into it, consistently.

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