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If it fits my what? If it fits your macros. Remember those macronutrients that I had spoken about, some time ago; carbs, proteins and fats? Well this eating protocol basically tells you, that once something fits your macros, you can eat it!

Basically, if you’ve consumed all your daily macros; 1 g of protein per LBM, 2 g of carbs per lb and 90 grams of fat (depending on if you’re on a cut or bulk and how much you’ve ganished for your fat distributions), but you still have more calories to meet your daily intake, you can fit the rest of those calories with anything you want. Some people even consume ice cream, pizza, cake, whatever it may be. Once it is fitting your macros; carbs, fats or proteins, and supplementing on it to make 1.5 g of protein or 2.5 of carbs, then you can eat it! Got 50 more grams of fat to consume to get to 150 grams? Or 30? Then you can eat whatever it is you want, to fill in those numbers.

The idea behind IIFYM (if it fits your macros), is that if you’re on a calorie deficit, you’re going to lose weight regardless of what you eat. If you chose to eat junk food whole day but it only adds up to 1600 calories, and that’s below your maintenance, you’re going to lose weight! If you are consuming 2500 calories, and you want to gain weight and you eat over your maintenance, you’re going to gain weight.

I am going to use myself as an example. I am suppose to consume about 2800 calories on my weight training days and about 2500 calories on my off days. If I have consumed 2500 calories on my weight training day but I have hit my 150 g protein, 300 gram carbs and 90 gram fat distribution, I still have 300 calories I need to fill my daily intake with. I can eat something that has some protein in it, to give my protein more grams, or my carbs more grams or my fats more grams. It doesn’t matter. If I feel like eating wontons, , and it’s calories come up to 300, then I can consume it!

What I personally do, I don’t just wait to consume all of my macros and then enjoy the snack I may desire for that particular moment. In fact, I know that once I have consumed my weight gainer for the day, I would have met all of my macros, so before I consume my weight gainer, I can have some rainbow cookies, or ice cream, or some type of pastry that someone in the household decided to buy. Point is, it is fitting into my calorie intake for the day and fitting into my macros! So, I am not going to end up messing up my whole diet.

So if you are so concerned about that one twinkie that messed up your diet, it didn’t. Once it fits your macros and supplements your daily intake, you’re good to go! Enjoy life, enjoy IIFYM!

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