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Joint Care

Spinach, a good source of glucosamine, that can help replace a huge supplementation for joint care.

You probably didn’t know that and even further, you probably have no idea what glucosamine is. But don’t sweat it, neither did I until my joints started hurting me.

Once you are going to engage in any type of heavy or strenuous exercise, that will put pressure on your joints, etc, glucosamine will become your new best friend. The reason for this is because, as we build muscle, we’re not developing enough support for our joints as our strength increases. Our body, unfortunately cannot keep up with the muscle building quickness that is occurring. So to help the body out, and produce glucosamine naturally, there are foods that one can consume; hence Spinach. I guess popeye had it right and we didn’t even realize it!

Glucosamine basically, is a naturally occurring substance that’s found in one’s body, specifically the synovial joint fluid. This helps cushion the joints in our bodies. Not only does glycosamine assist with joint support it also it helps build tendons and ligaments, something a bodybuilder requires immensely.

There are some supplements out there that a bodybuilder can consume to provide them the ample amount of joint care, but if you aren’t a pill person and would prefer natural supplementation from food products, but spinach isn’t your thing, you can also turn to consuming raw parsley.

So if you’re a veggie person, this should do the job for you. Add some to your dietary salad, to make it easier if you can’t handle them by themselves.

In some days, I will be doing some reviews on joint care supplements. So keep tuned for that to know what works and what doesn’t, just in case veggies isn’t your thing. So far, I have tried 2 products, and soon a third one. When I have started on the 3rd one, I will provide my review.

Hope this post was informative for you. If you have any questions in regards to what was written here, and want to learn more about glucosamine or joint care, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!

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