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Keeping on Track

Throughout my own attempts to become as knowledgeable as I can, when it comes to weight training, especially for women, I came across a website that was speaking about staying on track. What makes bodybuilders and professional trainers different from the rest?

As obvious as it may be, it may not always be so obvious. Keep reading if you feel that when you step forward, you only fall to temptation and move a few steps back.

The trick, or it really isn’t a trick but the method that is used by bodybuilders and professional fitness trainers alike is simple. Every body messes up at one point or another. Professional bodybuilders do get tired, bored and upset sometimes, even frustrated eating the same foods, training ever single day or sticking to a strict split and sometimes feel like not doing it. They may get themselves a slice of cake, and that would seem to destroy their whole progress and they may, if they were you and I, just give up and binge. Instead, what they do, is keep on going forward. If you fumble, get back on track at the next moment. Example, that slice of cake was eaten and you feel guilty, to get back on track, the next meal should be a meal you would have been eating on your diet. Don’t look back, don’t feel guilty, just keep going forward.

The true trick, is fitting that cake into your overall caloric intake for that day. Don’t add on the meals you would have eaten if it wasn’t for eating that cake, include the cake in the 6 to 7 meals you would have consumed. Adding the cake in as it’s own meal, and eating up to the amount of calories you’re suppose to have for the day including the cake, makes sure you stay on track. More of this will be explained during my article about cheat meals and cheat days.

Miss a training day? Make it up in the next training with intensity and focus. Don’t feel like training? Stay home, but make sure just like if you missed the day purposely, that you make it up the next sessions. It’s a constant making up. There’s no feeling guilty and there’s no stopping.

The idea is like this, if you’re training and eating correctly 95% of the time, 5% isn’t going to eff anything up. Newcomers have a hard time accepting this and as soon as they fall off the wagon for one second, they become demotivated and decide to forget it all and go right back on the wrong wagon and continue a journey that’s unhealthy and non-beneficial to their initial journey.

You may say this sounds just like my motivation post, but this one focuses more on what bodybuilders themselves claim to do and isn’t about motivation but just when you’re already motivated, what to do if you just happen to not feel like dieting or training on some particular day.

Next time, I will talk about cheat meals and cheat days. Because with those in mind, stumbling isn’t possible but incorporated into your diet!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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