Libido and Weight training

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Libido and Weight training

KissingI was asked recently, what affect does weight training have on one’s libido? Does it increase it, or happen to lower it? Not only that but does exercising, period, have any affect at all, also? The reason people ask this is because it’s understood generally, that exercising increases testosterone which in turn will increase one’s libido, at least in men. This muscle building hormone, is also the sex hormone in males. As for females, the same is understood that one’s levels of testosterone would be increased, after such activities as weight training and cardiovascular exercises; like running.

If we look solely on weight training, the increase testosterone levels can increase one’s libido. Also, any type of exercise that’s short term, lasting no more than 1 hour (mixed views on this, like if one stays hydrated enough it seems more than an hour is fine), will increase blood flow which in essence will then increase one’s libido. If anyone has ever done, at least as a female, laying curls you’d realize that your pelvis area is being worked out and an increased blood flow does occur. If you use your imagination, you can put two and two together and understand what this process can do, for one’s sex drive, at least in women.

Exercise in general, is agreed upon to be a good solution to increasing one’s sex drive. The endurance that comes from it, also will help with one’s sex life. Not only does it have a physiological affect, it also has a psychological one. It’s easily recognized that a person who becomes fit, becomes more confident. This confidence can then stem over into one’s sex life, improving it immensely. Feeling attractive, and actually being attractive, would help indirectly increase your sex drive.

Although research may be leaning towards exercising increases one’s libido, it’s also being discussed that strenuous and long term exercises like long distance running, can have an opposite affect on one’s libido, actually decreasing it. Whether this is true or not, is still up for debate. But, a consensus can be made that weight training, in whatever manner, does increase libido. Especially if the interaction happens after a weight training session.


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