Make Realistic Goals

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Make Realistic Goals

One of the influences we experience or obtain when entering into the lifestyle of weightlifting, is having someone in mind we want to look like.

Nothing is wrong with this, but you have to be careful with who you pick to be your physique ideal or inspiration.

Continue reading to learn what is realistic and why you should choose certain physiques to idolize.

A lot of amateurs see a physique in a fitness magazine or a supplement ad, and assume that it could be achieved. While some may be, the ones to look out for are the ones that are high in lean body mass but very low body fat.

See, this isn’t possible because of the high amounts of testosterone is required to maintain and build muscle mass. If you see someone with huge muscle bellies, low body fat percentage in the single digits, that’s clearly like this year round, or possibly like this majority of the year, you have to be skeptical. I am not saying it didn’t take them a lot of dedication and restrictions to get there but it’s biology. The body can only achieve low body fat percentage and stay this way with very high lean body mass with testosterone.

The reason for this is because every time you workout, your testosterone level actually decreases. Some people are led to believe it increases, but it doesn’t. So if you’re a woman, you’re already at a lower testosterone level than a biological male, so you’re at a huge disadvantage. If you are a dude, your natural testosterone level when it matters, is going to be lowered. So there’s no way you’re going to attain immense amount of lean body mass, and have a low body fat percentage to look like your ideal physique.

One good advice I can give you, is to look at the physique you want to be and just use it as inspiration but not the way you want to look. We’re all designed differently, what will look impressive on one physique may look like crap on your own. Make your own physique. Give yourself realistic goals. You want to be low double digit body fat percentages, with some decent lean body mass because getting mighty huge, and low in bf%, isn’t attainable naturally. Some people may be able to do this because if you look at them, they were genetically superior anyways, they had the big look most likely before entertaining weightlifting, so it’s natural for them to look big. But if you’re tiny, and think you’re going to look like arnold, or any of those professional bodybuilders, even some in the natural bodybuilding community, think again.

The more you interact with individuals of the bodybuilding community, the easier it is to see what’s naturally attainable and what isn’t.

Now, I am not saying you cannot look good, you definitely can. But don’t let those fitness models in your favorite muscle magazine, be the ideal physique. Let a certain body fat percentage in double digits that’s natural, and a good weight for your height, is what you go for. Or you will definitely, become disappointed and demotivated. This is one of the downfalls of people who start lifting weights. Is reaching farther than they are naturally able to, and fall off the wagon because they stumble and cannot reach it no matter how hard they stretch out to achieve it.

This should not discourage you from working out hard though and being dedicated. A nice physique will appear, so don’t be down by this post. I made it because a lot of us who enter into the bodybuilding world, are given false hope. This shouldn’t be done and a reality needs to be set in.

If you have any questions in regards to this post, then email me. It takes most of us a long time to realize what’s attainable naturally. A good way to learn what’s attainable and what isn’t, is to check out different bodybuilding forums. A lot of guys will admit to usage, and some may not but you will be able to tell between natural gains and unnatural gains. The natural ones tend to be smaller, and a little softer to their looks. The unnatural one tend to be bigger, and at a low body fat. There is a dryness to their skin at times also. Although, I am not talking about competition prep or while doing a show. Look at their off season pictures, or pictures of non-competitors, who are like that year round (via looking at their pictures).

Some people may fight this forever, trying to say they are natural and that’s their prerogative but once you start lifting weights and doing it hard, you realize no amount of protein, carbohydrates, macro-counting, calorie counting, spot training, etc., that you do, there’s certain physiques you will NEVER achieve naturally. And nothing’s wrong with that ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep lifting heavy, consistently, focusing on your diet and you will get a physique you are happy with.

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