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My Journey

Sentinel Dome HikerI just realized I never spoke thoroughly on what my long term fitness goals are. I figured, if I am going to chronicle my experiences, fitness accomplishments, diet routines, etc., then my readers should have some kind of idea of what I want to even accomplish.

Obviously, my main desire which I have always, from the very beginning thrived to achieve is to gain muscle mass. If you’ve read my about me, or my “why I got into bodybuilding” post entry, you’d know that I started off as a very skinny young individual. I gradually, over time, reached the current weight I am at; 150lbs. But, my overall goal is to reach 180lbs.

I have started this journey, earlier on in this year and plan to finish it probably around the same time that I started january-feburary 2012. Giving myself a full year to gain 45lbs (going from 135lbs to 180lbs). I am, what they call, on a bulk. I am trying to gain as much weight as possible and inadvertently, gain muscle mass also. As one can only gain so much muscle mass over a period of time, I will reach a certain limit at my 1 year mark. But when I reach 180lbs, I will cut down to 160lbs.

My plan, thus far, has been to use an eating protocol that I spoke about a few days ago, called Intermittent Fasting. This is suppose to help keep my body fat percentage at a reasonable level. I believe I am currently at 20% bodyfat, and hope to stay at this level but not exceed 25%. If I realize I am gaining too quickly (yes, this can be bad), then I reduce my calories intake by a few. Generally, I eat about 500 over my maintenance on my current routine, a little less on my off days and if anything starts becoming a little too disturbing to me, body fat wise, I eat about 200 to 300 over instead.

So, long term goal is 180lbs. I will cut when this goal is met and reach 160lbs. Afterward, if I am not satisfied with how I look around then, I will follow the trend of bulking for a short period and then cutting for a short period, also. Generally, this is the format bodybuilders take to add on mass and then reduce body fat to prepare for a show. As I am not competing, I am allowed to bulk for as long as I need, but when I reach that 160lbs, I don’t plan to go any lower. I hope to possibly be at about 12% body fat at 160-170lbs, long term. It all depends on what I look like in the mirror at that point. At this time in the whole picture, it turns more into what I look like, than what the scale says. I do want to have massive arms and legs, and a nice chiseled ab section but the weight on the scale isn’t going to matter at all, when that time comes around. I have seen people at my height, who weigh 160lbs, with low bodyfat and have impressive physiques.

The period of cutting would most likely take about 8 months, as I plan to do a very slow cut like I did with my bulk. This will guarantee the lack of losing any significant amount of muscle mass, from a speedy cut.

Nothing else to be said. This is my journey and I hope you take some valuable pointers from it!

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