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Unlike the official Love My Muscles website, this My Journey blog is going to have more updates, as it will provide a detail visual and readable option to newcomers to utilize the maintenance calories diet, while lifting and doing cardio. Generally, that’s how a lot of beginners get to have a 6 pack, toned body, and etc. when they now start off.

I am not going to be doing any cardio what so ever, I do a lot of walking as it is without any stand still machine like the elliptical or bike. I will also start my diet today, as best as I could. I have to get some more supplements; weight gainer and a pre-workout supplement. I am thinking of getting some superpump max, as I am interested in seeing what it can do. My Jack3d finally finished yesterday.

I think for a week, I will consume 2200 calories instead. Generally people say you should lose 1 to 2 lbs a week, and if you’re gaining, it’s suppose to be about the same, and half being muscle and half fat. That’s supposedly. To help give me an idea, I’d stick with the 2200 calories. If I see my weight is staying the same with 3 days of weight training, then I will keep on this until I see any change. So 2200 calories instead of 2000.

Currently, I am weighing 157 lbs. If I lose some, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal but the 50’s is where I am looking to stay. 😀

So supplement stack will include:

    Dymatize Gourmet: Protein and Casein Mix
    ON Serious Mass
    Higher Power Micronized Creatine
    Superpump Max
    Animal Flex
    Milk Thistle

Later on today, I will upload an image of what my meal plan looked like, and how much my protein and carbs were. I am going to be eating when I am hungry and trying to eat as clean as possible. The milk thistle just in case you were wondering, is a herbal supplement that will help cleanse my liver, as high consumption of protein is taxing on it, along with the amount of pills I may consume and also, if I haven’t gotten the amount of water I would like to for the day, this will help keep everything cleansed. I know water is for the kidneys, but it’s just to help everything be flushed out nicely. 🙂

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